3 Alternative Workouts That Won’t Put You to Sleep

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I know I’m not the only girl who scrolls through her feed and thinks “If my stomach was as flat as that Instagram model’s, my life would be so much better.” I’m not, right?

But at the same time, scrolling through my feed and seeing a recipe for bacon wrapped cheese fries and thinking “Hmm. I should make that.” Seriously though, it’s not just me. Right?!

The point is the struggle between being fit and healthy but also satisfying your hanger can be challenging. Especially when working out consists of paying someone a lot of money, dreading the thought of going, or getting bored with your workout and simply never going back.

This has happened to me multiple times. So, I started looking for workouts that fit me. I discovered some great alternatives to running on a treadmill that I think you might like.

Dance Workouts

I don’t know about you but I love dancing. No matter how bad I look, I will always dance. At the club, doing Wii, or for a workout! Dance is a great way to have fun while forgetting that you are even exercising.

Look into your area’s local dance studios. Zumba, Hip-hop dancing, even ballet are all amazing workouts while also being fun. Plus, everyone will be so impressed by your moves. I know I will!

Another alternative? Just Dance for the Wii is so much fun! They even have a fitness version in some games that definitely make home workouts doable!


If you’re looking for something that heals your body and mind, you should try yoga (I know you have 200 pairs of yoga pants, so put them in use!). Yoga builds your muscles, your flexibility, and can even be very spiritual.

If you experience a lot of stress in your life, I definitely recommend yoga. The focus on breathing and relaxing your mind is perfect when you need to give your brain a break while working on your body.

Workouts - Pole fitness class
Be Studios in Lakewood, Ohio

Pole Fitness

So, this one is probably my favorite because I just began doing it and love it! Now, you may be thinking that this is too sexy or provocative, but honestly, that is one of the things that make it so fun (Does that sound bad?).

If you’re looking for a fun and intense work out, try pole fitness! I’ve been using muscles that I did not even know existed on my body. Especially arms, shoulders, and back (Trust me, my sore muscles know).

Fellow Clevelander? Check out Be Studios in Lakewood! That’s where I go!

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring. What ways do you make working out fun? Comment below!


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