The 6-Step Anti-Stress Home Detox

Stress is an elusive menace, one that often works in a clandestine fashion. Once it piles up, though, its presence becomes painfully obvious. We also tend to bring our stress home, a place that should be our personal sanctuary of tranquility.

Well, just like a regular detox removes harmful agents from our body, the home version has the same goal. You could say that stress is the equivalent of sugar in a diet, as both are silent, but deadly killers. So, it is high time to take action, roll up your sleeves, and restore the peace and calm in your life.

anti stress home detox

Smell the change

To melt away the stress, you need to indulge your senses a bit.  First off, let us start with smell. Some people do not realize that smells can stir memories, emotions, and have pleasant associations. Our response to them is linked to the emotional part of our brain as they are correlated to past experiences.

Therefore, shop around for products like candles with a stress-free scent. Once they melt, you can even use the luxurious oil left behind for a nice facial massage. Go on to explore the majestic and opulent world of other fragrances, such as lavender, that work miracles for your well-being.

Nature’s embrace

Never feel alone and powerless; nature is one of your greatest allies in the battle against stress. To summon it, bring the outdoors in and establish a deeper connection with the profound realm of Mother Nature. Plants are scientifically proven to reduce the level of stress and improve air quality.

The beauty of it is that you can opt for low-maintenance potted companions like spider plants. Another thing you can do is get rid of curtains or install larger windows and glass walls. Invite the great outdoors, along with blessings like fresh air and sunlight, into your home.

Create a zone of calm

The constant buzzing of machines and appliances is the kind of factor that adds fuel to the fire when it comes to stress. It fosters background noise that slowly, but surely raises stress levels. So, find a place within your home that will serve as a tech-free zone, a soothing retreat where you can get lost in your thoughts.

One of the obvious candidates is certainly the bedroom, where TVs and computers should have no place. On the other hand, soft blankets, throw pillows, books, cozy furniture and a cup of tea are a welcome sight, as well as vital pieces of the stress-shattering puzzle.

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United colors of serenity

Furthermore, to make strides towards stress-free living, get familiar with color psychology and how different tones affect your mood.  At first glance, an energizing red might seem like a good idea, but it can make you feel overworked and tense.

In fact, bright colors should be used in moderation, more like accents rather than dominant visual forces. Soothing, muted colors are usually a safe bet and you can hardly go wrong with pastels. So, find that perfect coat of paint and create a peaceful backdrop for your mind to relax.

Boost the visual appeal

Likewise, you can use the power of décor and visual solutions to bust stress. Surround yourself with items that hold meaning and evoke pleasant memories. Ditch all those blank and uninspiring design elements and make room for those which have real character and presence.

Let your surroundings reflect who you are and act as an extension of your personality. Make a statement with striking pieces like chandeliers, and search for unique doormats online that make you always feel welcome. Just do not go overboard with details because that would defeat the whole purpose.

Defeat clutter in Your Home

Get into the art of decluttering and organized living. Sell, give away, or dispose of anything that does not have a purpose in your household. Keep a close eye on items that make you feel uneasy as well as those that occupy unnecessary space. Banish all the visual noise and overwhelming mess.

Make sure to enable a free flow of traffic in your home and reap the benefits of easy, effortless living. This cleansing process is essential to a successful home detox, the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Feel the breath of fresh air enveloping you and lifting your spirits.

Turn a new leaf

Getting caught up in the daily grind and not being able to escape it is a terrible feeling. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which you can reach by detoxing and cleansing your home. So, recognize the culprits behind the stress and anxiety in your life, as well as in your home.

Following the steps above, you should be able to keep the stress at bay and prevent it from building up. Allow yourself a clean, fresh start and make a positive change. Make it happen: take control of your immediate surroundings and, ultimately, your life.

What ways are you going to destress your home? Comment below.

This post was written by Olivia Jones of High Style Life.

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