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Brittney Moffatt – CEO and Lead Content Strategist

CEO and Lead Content Creator

Brittney Oddo

I’m an award-winning content writer, social media strategist, best-selling author, speaker, and, most importantly, cat mom. I created ATB Social because I know how important it is for entrepreneurs to tell their stories. When I’m not writing, I’m traveling, writing (lol), and playing my favorite video game – the Sims!

For me, connecting with people has always been a challenge. When I’m talking, my brain is either at hyper speed or barely operating. Social anxiety was an all time high my whole life which meant communication was always a struggle.

But I noticed one way I was always able to express myself – through writing.

Growing up, my happy place was with a pen or keyboard at hand. Anything I couldn’t communicate in person, came out perfectly in written form.

I used my writing in so many creative forms as a child. I’d often gift my family through words:

  • My grandmother bought me blank American girl books to write my own stories. I created two full stories that I handwrote.
  • For my mother’s birthday one year, I created a magazine for her that was all about her day including celebrities who shared her birthday like Joe Jonas.
  • When we had family visit from Florida, I created each member a handwritten newspaper that detailed what to expect on their visit. Even though, families normally share one paper.

College is when I started to discover who Brittney was. It was so important to me to do something I loved.

So, I put a lot of thought into choosing a major.

My natural first choice was journalism. Who does more writing than a journalist? As I continued my college career, I thought I was set.

But, I knew that something was missing. There was always a part of me that wanted to be a leader. Even as a journalism major, I wanted to run my own magazine.

I wanted to be the boss.

How could a writer also focus on business? That’s when I realized where my career needed to go. I needed to become a marketer.

Marketers don’t just do social media or create sell sheets. We understand what makes a business great, we create the highlight reel, we influence people to buy.

So, in 2015 I started my blog, According to Brittney. Initially as a place to help guide other ambitious millennials learning about themselves and where to take their careers.

This blog helped me more than I could ever imagine. I grew an engaged audience, started receiving brand partnerships and started my own freelance marketing company.
This blog even helped me get my current marketing job at a multi-billion dollar company.

I put myself out there, engaged with new people and gave value wherever I went. Online or otherwise. That’s content.

Content isn’t just about posting to social media, it’s about positioning yourself as an expert, having a consistent online presence and delivering value to your audience.

That’s what I do at According to Brittney and that’s what I help my clients do. Together we can build your influence, visibility, and engaged audience through consistent, lead-generating content!

So, I started my blog, According to Brittney, a blog about adulting, career development, and post grad life because I knew there were other women like me out there who were feeling lost, defeated, and fed up. They don’t hand you a manual after college that says “This is everything you’re supposed to do to be a well-adjusted human being.” No, they just shove you off into the “real world” and you have to figure it out.

I didn’t want anyone else to have to figure it out alone. Little did I know, this blog would lead to so much more. This blog helped me gain a loyal following (who actually buy my products!), get invites to exclusive events, and start my own freelance marketing company.

After months of searching for employment, this blog even helped me get my dream job at a multi-billion dollar company where I work in my field (you guessed it – marketing!)

This blog shows the true power of content marketing. Putting yourself and your business out there through content is one of the best things you can do.

Content isn’t just about posting to social media, it’s about branding yourself as an expert, being visible online and delivering value to your clients. That is all possible for you.

That’s exactly what I do at According to Brittney and that’s what I want to help you do!

Sophia Dones – Executive Assistant

Sophia Dones is an online business manager that offers expertise on social media management and administrative services. She has partnered with and elevated the digital presence of 50+ clients. Just like how she harmonizes with different melodies every weekend (yep, she sings), she knows how to establish marketing bliss for a business to attract more leads, promote brand awareness, and drive more traffic that leads to incremental growth. Bet you got high hopes for your business, then now is the time to start having dedicated team players.

Luna – Content Cat and Director of Office Cuddles

Luna has been on Brittney’s lap during client meetings and masterclasses long enough to know a thing or two about content. That’s how she got the name “Content Cat.” Luna loves running around the house, Temptation’s treats in chicken flavor and being the center of attention. She’s recently started an office nap committee that has really taken off.

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