According to Brittney 2019 Business Goals

I’m so proud of myself for successfully planning out my 2019. My 2018 goals were a little unrealistic and didn’t actually provide any guidance for the year.

But this year, I really put time and thought into what I want this year to be like for my business, what I struggled with and how I want to grow.

So, I’m happy to be able to share this with you and hope I can help others with their goals!

According to Brittney 2019 Business Goals

1 Masterclass and 1 In-Person Event Per Month

I hosted my first paid masterclasses in 2018 and they proved to be lucrative. So want to be more consistent and do more!

Naturally as a social media strategist, I’m very active online. In 2018, I did a lot of cool stuff like challenges, masterclasses and more but it was mostly online. I want to expand myself locally and be more apart of the Cleveland community. I’ve already got events planned for Q1!

3 Brand Collabs Per Month

Being an influencer is one of the funnest parts of what I do! But, it’s just one part of the many part of my biz. I worked with a lot of great brands in 2018, but want to do more consistently.

Finish Writing my Book By December

Writing a book is something I’ve always wanted to do. Now, I see it as something I can do! I even started writing, but lost focus on the project. This year, I want that book finished!

Get Back into Youtube

Once upon a time, videos were my thing. But, my unrealistic desire to do a crap ton made them fizzle out. Well, I’m turning the sizzle on and bringing back videos this year!

2 Blog Posts Per Month

This blog is where it all started. But, as I started taking on more clients and doing all the things, my posting schedule went from once a week to ??? So, I’ve set a more realistic goal and look – I’m already sticking to it!

Resource and Portfolio Page on Website

This website is always changing and improving. Two improvements that are definitely happening are a page to list all the amazing tools I use (and I use a lot) plus a page that features all my work I’ve done with clients.

Guess what? Portfolio Page is already up!

Monthly Newsletter

To make room for Youtube Videos, I’ve got to scale back on other content. I decided to move from weekly emails to one big newsletter per month that tells everyone what’s going on that month. We’ll see how it goes!

New Client Goals

As my mission get bigger, I’ve got to help more people. So, my goals are to:

  1. Have 5 members in the Content Creation Academy (2 members right now and 2 on deck!)
  2. Have 3 service clients on retainer (I actually reached this goal already but have capacity for about 1-2 more!)
  3. Have 1 Content Mastermind client per month (Already have 2 for January!)

Revenue Goals

My business is slowly growing and so is my income. Last year, I made over 5k in my business. Let’s double that for 2019. Great part is I’m already on track to make that with my current clients!

These goals are attainable, thought-out and overall exciting! I literally cannot wait to see everything in store for me in 2019.

What are your goals this year?

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