Why You Should Add Quizzes to Your Marketing Plan

*This post is sponsored by Interact. I received their premium plan in exchange for my feedback. As always, these opinions are my own*

If you’ve ever used the internet, you’ve probably scrolled across a quiz that said “Take this quiz to learn what kind of ice cream flavor you are!” Then you take it, learn that you’re “Cookie’s and Cream,” and share the results with your friends.

Quizzes like this are fun because they show us our personality, what we like, or test our knowledge on our favorite subject. But, did you know that these quizzes could also help you market your business?

I didn’t either until I discovered Interact. Interact is a tool that creates quizzes that you can embed on your website or share on social media. These quizzes are completely customizeable, easy to make, and can help you attract leads! Yes, if you’re not thinking about quizzes, here’s why you should be.

why you should add quizzes to your marketing plan

Quizzes are Popular

Quizzes aren’t a new trend. They have been on the internet since its creation. Due to the sharable nature of social media, quizzes are everywhere. You can spend hours on Buzzfeed Quiz, search for a specific quiz, and design quizzes especially for your audience.

With Interact, making a quiz that will captivate your audience can take just a few minutes. It’s time to hop on the quiz train because there is still plenty of momentum!

Making a Quiz is Easy

Creating an entire quiz can feel like an ordeal. First, you need the name of the quiz. Next, you need to have questions and answers to those questions. Then, you need those answers to lead to a result. Don’t forget you have to get the quiz out to the world! That can sound overwhelming.

Luckily, Interact has tons of pre-made quizzes that you can re-use and edit to your needs. Their software makes quiz making a far less daunting task. My latest quiz was up within a few minutes and it’s awesome!

Quiz: What Kind of Content Creator Are You?

Quizzes are Fun

I’m sure you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of taking one million quizzes that all tell you exactly who you are. Why do we do this? Because quizzes are a good time! They give us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, what could be more fun?

Want your audience to take the quiz rabbit hole on your site? You can add as many to your website as you would like using Interact!

A Quiz is a Lead Magnet

You may be thinking what is in it for me if I put a quiz on my website? Besides people just wanting to be on your website (major plus), you can collect the emails of those who take your quiz! That’s right, with an effective quiz, you can bring in potential leads!

The Interact software makes it easy to collect emails using your quiz. Plus, it connects with your favorite email providers like my favorites Mailerlite and Mailchimp!

Thinking about making an adjustment to your marketing plan by adding a quiz or two? Head to Interact to get started for free! Tell us about fun quizzes you’ve taken below!

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