Become a Better Writer By Guest Posting

Writing is not a skill to be overlooked. Most professions require you to do some form of writing from emails to blog posts. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you’re definitely a writer. And lots of it! Most entrepreneurs do a lot of their own social media and content marketing before outsourcing or hiring a marketing professional.

Outside of writing professionally, it can be challenging to get the writing skills needed to be the best writer possible. Even writing for yourself can shield you from the ability to level up as a writer (I’m my own editor and I don’t edit). Which is why offering your writing to another source is such a great win.

These guest posting and contributing writer gigs have helped me hone in and improve my skills as a writer.

Become a Better Writer By Guest Posting

She In the CLE

I love writing for She in the CLE because it offers me the opportunity to write about subjects that I don’t normally on my own blog. She in the CLE is a blog that gives Cleveland women a voice through writing. Lots of women have written posts for the blog or are frequent bloggers like me who write every month.

As a frequent blogger, I’ve expanded the range of topics I can write about. I’m very interested in political and social issues. However, kinds of posts don’t really align with this blog. Being a frequent blogger on another site offers me the ability to write on subjects other than marketing, entrepreneurship and adulting.

Black Girl in CLE

This publication makes me excited because it lets me identify with myself as a black woman. Black Girl in CLE is a blog that reviews events around Cleveland from the perspective of a black woman. This blog is much needed and is very unique which makes me happy to be apart of it.

Writing for Black Girl in CLE also offers a new experience for me in writing because I have to buy a lot more attention to details, take photos, and perhaps talk to others to write a great article. Reviewing an event is different than just talking about a topic. I have to hone in on my writing skills to portray what I felt in the moment in a blog post.

Cleveland Plus

One of the biggest writing challenges I’ve had is becoming a writer for Cleveland Plus, but in a good way! Cleveland Plus is a website that illustrates the best things about living and working in Cleveland through the perspective of people who actually live here.

The reason why this publication gave me my biggest challenge is because it needed something that a lot of other blogs (including mine) overlook: Correct Grammar. I’m the worst when it comes to grammar. You may see a series of errors in this post. However, refreshing some of those forgotten skills is definitely going to help me improve my writing going forward.

Guest Posts on My Site

I’m flipping the switch on this one because I’m not the one doing the writing. Like many blog, my blog accepts guest posts which are blog posts written by writers who don’t own the blog.

Allowing guest posting adds a whole new role to my job as a blogger: Editor. Sure, I edit my own work (not really) but editing someone else’s to ensure it fits your brand, has proper SEO and is as amazing as your own posts is tough. But, it’s a great skill to have as a writer.

There are many benefits that guest posting can offer: exposure, connections and new followers. What has guest posting offered you as a writer?

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