The Best Stuff I Learned at Everything: Content and Social Media

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This weekend, Brad and I took a little weekend getaway to Detroit for the Everything: Content and Social Media conference at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel. The one day conference featured marketing directors from top companies like National Geographic and Wired Magazine or former employees from Facebook, Snapchat, Sprint, etc.

So, naturally, I was excited and geeking out to be learning from people who are doing what I love on such a large scale.

So geeking out that I started writing this blog post the day after the conference in our swanky hotel room instead of hitting the pool or spa. Now, it’s time to share what I learned with you (and yes, it’s good stuff).

The Best Stuff I Learned at Everything Content and Social Media

Facebook Algorithm

The first session I attended was about the dreaded Facebook Algorithm! I was so excited to hear from Alex Baker-Whitcomb, a former Facebook employee and current Manager of Audience Development at Wired Magazine, say that Facebook groups is where it’s at. Currently, the algorithm really favors comments as Facebook emphasizes conversation, so groups really have an advantage there. If you’re wondering if you should jump in, I’d say yes. You can start with Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs.

Video was also heavily endorsed in this session. Facebook has introduced the Watch Page, in competition with Youtube. So, this means that video is making an even bigger impact. Pre-recorded and live videos get a lot of engagement. So, it’s time to start doing some brainstorming!

Content Analytics

I had to attend this session because I’m often at a loss when it comes to my blog and social analytics. Dan Gilgoff, Excecutive Editor of Digital at National Geographic, not only made a lot of sense but said points that I tell my own clients. For example, National Geographic focuses on core topics when producing content. They noticed that some topics perform better than others through their own analytics.

When producing content, Gilgoff explained some key items that help a video or blog perform better than others. Words that give the article unique value such as “Exclusive,” “First,” “Last,” Etc. These words signal to the audience that the piece offers something special. He also explained closing the curiosity gap which means that the headline leaves some mystery that makes the reader want to click in and see.

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Facebook Live

If you follow me, you know I love Facebook Lives! I had to see what gems Laurel Sue, of Docusign and formally Snapchat, would drop (Hint: It was a lot). One thing that blew me away is that 85% of video is watched with no sound! Which means Facebook lives that have captions or don’t require the viewer to listen perform best!

There is also a guide to putting together a killer Facebook Live. First step is story-boarding which is where you think of the content, location and talent. Next is cross-promoting using teasers and other social channels. Lastly, you measure the success of the video and see what’s working and why! I’d say it’s time to go live!

Facebook Ads

After reading this, you may think that I’m obsessed with Facebook. The answer is yes. So, I sat in the front row during Susan Wenograd‘s session on Facebook Ads. There was literally more info than what I could even take notes on, but here’s what stood out to me most. WE’RE ALL DOING OUR FACEBOOK ADS WRONG. Okay, maybe not all of us. But, I was. If you’re creating ads only to get conversion, you may not be getting the results you want. Here’s why:

Facebook ads are meant to be like a funnel! You start with awareness, next is consideration, and finally conversion. You have to create ads that target cold audiences, then warm and THEN hot. Not go straight to hot by selecting conversion. (Yay! We understand Ads now)

Lastly, Susan talked about messenger bots and using them to create ads which I thought was genius since interacting with a bot can be much more entertaining and informational than just a plain ad. Definitely making bots a priority this quarter.

This conference was one of my favorites because I learned so much and am so excited to put some of these strategies into practice. What’s something content related that you’d like to learn more about?

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