Mixing Business and Pleasure: Dating an Entrepreneur

This is a fun topic that I’ve seen in the entrepreneur world a lot lately: Dating an Entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. Guess what? Similar to dating one! So, that’s why this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to talk more about the realities of dating an entrepreneur.

If you don’t know my situation, I’m an entrepreneur. I work part time as a Marketing Specialist while also building my own social media and content marketing business. My boyfriend is a 9-5er as an application developer. So, I don’t have direct experience with dating an entrepreneur. Which is why I’ve recruited a special guest to help me write this post!

You guessed it, my boyfriend – Brad, is going to be helping me with this weeks post (A blog by couples for couples!) We decided some of the best things to remember when dating an entrepreneur.

Mixing Business and Pleasure: Dating an Entrepreneur

Have Your Own Hobby

Entrepreneurs, especially ones who work another job, spend a lot of time on their business. Possibly even most of their spare time. If you’re dating someone who has their own business, you have to be able to occupy your own time.

Find something that you enjoy, so when your partner is working late or finishing an important project, you don’t get that lonely, bored feeling. Brad’s hobbies of choice is video games and golf!

Be Understanding

A business is like a baby. You created it, you nurture it and you want it to grow. Sometimes, growth is slow. Very slow. Glacially slow. But, as a partner, you have to be understanding of your partner’s vision even if it makes no sense to you.

It’s tough to understand many things about owning a business, unless you own a business. As a partner, be trusting, understanding and let their dream live.

Listen and Care

When your entrepreneur lover is excited about their business, they are going to want to talk about it. Expect rapid fire texts at work, late night idea brainstorming, and interuptions in the middle of your favorite tv show. You’ve got to be prepared to listen. But, not just listen, care.

Entrepreneurs need people who care about their business, even if they are just listening to their many ideas. At least, if the idea takes off, you can be the first person who heard it!

Be Supportive

So many doubts come with starting a business. The thought of failing comes across every entrepreneurs mind daily. As their person, you are their biggest support.

When dealing with an entrepreneur, praise their small wins, tell them that you believe in them and be proud that they’ve decided to take this long and hard journey.

Know When to Give Input

Even if you’re not directly apart of the business, you’re apart of the business. So, you should be allowed to give your ideas especially when it comes to money and anything that affects your life together.

Always give constructive input. Never put your partner down or make them feel like they are wrong for trying something or taking a loss. You have to learn how to contribute without belittling. Just like everyone else, they will make mistakes.

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

Or in Brad’s words, “be a ride or die, b***h!” I think you get the point there. Much like your relationship, a business is a commitment. Often a long term one.

Realize that what they are doing now could grow bigger, require more money or more time. Make sure you’re willing to stick it out. 4EVA.

Always Make Time

If you’re dating an entrepreneur, you’re probably dating someone with a pretty good work ethic. Or maybe too much work ethic. As the partner, you may have to say, “Let’s take a break and hang out.”

With any relationship, you’ve got to make an effort to spend time together. With an entrepreneur, you may have to yank them away from their laptop, but in the end, it’s worth it!

Many brave souls make the decision to go into business for themselves. Many choose to be the support system for those individuals. You may not think so, but you are a crucial part to their business and success.

We hope you have a prosperous and loving Valentine’s Day! Tell us about your entrepreneur dating experiences in the comments!

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Kate / @heyescapist
February 10, 2018 At 10:00 am

My husband is an entrepreneur, too, & I agree with all Brad’s points!

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