Convert a Blog Reader into an Email Subscriber

Having someone visit your blog is great. Anytime someone visits your website is an opportunity for you to acquire a new lead. But, if they head to your blog and leave never to return, it’s not so good. So, we’re going to talk about converting blog readers into subscribers.

Call to Action

One way to get people to subscribe is to simply tell them to subscribe. Sometimes people want to take the next step but don’t know how! It’s your job to guide them.

At the end of every blog post on According to Brittney there is a call to never miss another post. And a form to subscribe to my newsletter.

This is a simple sales funnel. They find my blog post, they are prompted to join my newsletter, they get a welcome automation and receive marketing emails from me often asking them to join my group or purchase from me.


It’s easier to get people to take the action you want when you offer them something in return. A free (or opt-in) is something you give to someone in exchange for their email which also serves as an introduction to you and what you do.

To create a freebie, think of something that directly relates to what you do. For example, I’m a content writer and I help bloggers as a service. So, I have a freebie that is a 5 day email course on how to grow your blog.

Explain the Benefits

When someone doesn’t know what they are signing up for, they are going to be more hesitant to do so. To make people feel easier about giving up that address, explain the benefits of your newsletter.

For example, in my welcome letter I talk about what they can expect to receive. Tips on marketing and social media, latest blog posts and exclusive offers. The next step is keeping my word.

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