How to Create a Social Media Strategy

How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Just like any other aspect of business, your social media needs a strategy to help guide you when posting and achieve your goals. Posting without a strategy in mind leads to inconsistency, inefficiency and can be a waste of time.

Use this Social Media Strategy template to create a plan that helps you with your social media marketing efforts. You will find examples of each category. Customize this template to fit your business. These are the criteria you must determine in the template:

  • Purpose
  • Post Schedule
  • Content Types
  • Goals

Purpose – This is critical step in your social media strategy because it will help you determine the other criteria. What reason are you on this social network? Is it where your ideal client is? Is it to build a community or get traffic to your website? Ask yourself why this channel is apart of your strategy, then build your strategy from there.

Post Schedule – This is where you determine your post frequency including how many days and how much you are posting. You could even be more specific and put the days and times you’re posting. Be realistic with your approach by considering your own schedule. Also, keep in mind scheduling tools that will help you post without doign it manually yourself.

Content Types – The type of content you post on social media should be effective in your purpose and hitting your goals. In this section, you can list if you’ll be posting video, photos, text posts, etc. You can also be more specific and list what kind. For example, you can list “Videos (product information).”

Goals – Goals are important because they give you something to strive for. Common goals for social media would be to increase followers, reach out to potential clients and increase engagement.


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