How to Engage with Your Email Subscribers

How to Engage with Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience because 1) Unlike social media, it’s highly likely that your audience has an email address 2) Contact is more direct by going straight to their email instead of on a newsfeed and 3) Unlike followers and likes, once someone opts in to your list, you own their address and can send them emails.

To send an email that gets a high open and click rate while also sending you leads, you have to look at each element of your email.


The subject is the first thing your subscriber sees. So, you have to make it catch their attention if you want them to open your email. Like any content, your headline should pull your subscriber in by giving (or promising inside) knowledge or entertainment. Think about what would make someone else want to read your email. Here are some subjects headlines that have given me the highest open rates.

  1. Sorry I wasn’t listening…
  2. FREE bundle that you can’t pass up (cat emoji)
  3.  Say Goodbye to my Facebook Group (sad emoji)

Notice that each subject promises something, the first promises an explanation, the second promises a freebie, and the third promises something entertaining (Cliffhangers are great because they make people want to open the email to see what’s going on. You have to encourage them that something amazing is only a click away.


Email content can be tough because email is so different than any other marketing platform. However, providing value with email is just as important. If someone is allowing you to be in their inboxes, there should be something of value for them. Valuable tips, links to resources, special offers only for them are great.

Just like any other content you create, you should be sharing your expertise and positioning yourself as an expert. You should also give them a call to action which affects your click rates. Email is similar to social media because the more people click and open your emails, the more deliverable your emails will be.

Here are my emails with the highest click rate.

1. This is how you really grow your blog + FREE Blog views course

2. Time to Step Your Content Game Up!

3. I’m Giving Away Gifts for My Birthday This Year

Each email had a clear call to action, join a free course, sign up for the 10 Day Content Creation Challenge, and join my Facebook group. Your content should support what you want your audience to do.


You might be wondering how you actually engage with your followers especially since email seems like a one-way form of communication. However, that is not the case. You can talk and engage with your audience much like other platforms, by getting people to your more engaging platforms and encouraging them to reply to your newsletter.

You may notice that I often tell my email subscribers to join my Facebook group. This is the most engaged place they can join for me. I spend the most time there, make the best offers there and have the highest client conversion there. So, I send my email audience there all the time. Whatever platform that is most engaging for you whether it be your blog or Instagram, send your email subscribers there.

Another awesome way to engage with your subscribers is by encouraging them to reply to your emails. When people reply, this increases your email delivery. Plus, you get the opportunity to interact with your email subscribers. My most recent email gave detailed content on how to name your Facebook group, then I asked if anyone wanted to do some brainstorming and got a few replies. I was able to talk one on one with people who are interested in something of my expertise.

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