Everything I Learned from Co-Organizing WordCamp Kent 2018

Fellow WordPress nerds: This post is for you! Last weekend, I had the honor of being on this year’s amazing organizing team for WordCamp Kent 2018! As always, it was an amazing event, but this time was extra special since I was involved in making it happen.

My friend and this year’s lead organizer, Megan, who I met at my first WordCamp in 2016 asked me to help with marketing the WordPress conference. I, of course, said yes!

So, now I have to tell you everything I learned from being a co-organizer this year!

Everything I Learned from Co-Organizing WordCamp Kent 2018

Organizing a Conference is a Lot of Work

I’m sure it already sounds like a lot of work but I can confirm that it is! So many elements go into making an event fabulous! From logistics, to design to marketing! Each piece makes the event whole.

As a past attendee, I really didn’t realize everything that went into making this conference so spectacular. But, it makes me appreciate event organizers so much more!

Try Volunteering from Something Different than What You Do Everyday

As you might now, I’m a content writer and social media strategist. It’s pretty safe to say that in my spare time, I don’t want to do content writing or social media strategy. Sure, I’m great at it! But, I enjoyed doing other things far more than the stuff I get to do all the time!

Plus, I get the chance to try new stuff which is always a good thing. Doing work can sometimes makes something fun like this seem like work. I came here to party (just kidding, still working but fun work).

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WordPress is Awesome

Okay, I didn’t learn this specifically from co-organizing this event. I’ve known it for quite some time, but this event helped cement this fact into my noggin (why’d I say noggin?)

The WordPress community is amazing. Every year, I meet some amazing people who make this event something I come back to ever year. I’ve learned so much from the speaker who present, as well! Don’t worry if you’re not in my area because WordCamps are everywhere!

Having a Good Team is Crucial

I got the pleasure of working with some amazing people during this event. The lead organizer, Megan, made it all happen! So glad she let me be apart of it! Sarah did a phenomenal job at designing the entire event! David got the volunteers and schedules in order! Plus, all the volunteers and other organizers who helped get the event off without a hitch!

Appreciate Just All of It

While organizing the event, the run-around is real. But, take a moment to reflect and enjoy while you’re there! I did this so much and was amazed at how things have changed since my first WordCamp!

Two years ago, my blog was still accordingtobrittney.wordpress.com and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing! The next year, I got myself together even volunteered at the event, but wanted to start offering services. This year, I co-organized and have clients under my belt! It’s crazy how things can change and I definitely owe WordCamp some of that!

This experience is definitely one of my favorites on my entrepreneurial journey. Already excited for WordCamp 2019! What is your favorite conference?

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