Facebook Marketing: Facebook Pages Vs. Facebook Groups

Facebook is an incredible tool for businesses. You can connect with your audience, grow your brand, and acquire leads all in one place using the various tools available.

Two Facebook features that have helped my business grow consistently are Facebook pages and groups. I want to break down the differences between them, how to leverage them for your business, and how to create content for both.

Facebook Business Pages

A Facebook business page is like a Facebook profile, but for a business. It is the place for people to find your business if they search for it on Facebook. You can find mine here.

This is the place to display what your business is, what you do, and how to contact you to work with you.

Pages can tricky because most businesses see low reach is. Reach is the number of people who actually see your posts on Facebook. The easiest way to get reach and engagement on Facebook pages is to buy Facebook Advertisements. For organic traffic, post consistent and valuable content that would interest your audience.

rachel pederson facebook page
Rachel Pedersen Facebook Page

There are three key ways to use your Facebook page as a referrer for your business.

  • Run Facebook ads
  • Create valuable content
  • Promote your offers, resources, and other content

Facebook Ads – One of the best things about Facebook pages is the ability to run targeted Facebook ads to reach specific people. If you haven’t already, take a look at Facebook Ads Manager and establish a budget for ads.

Valuable Content – As a content writer, you know I’m going to tell you to create content if you want to find success on social media. The key is to be consistent, share your expertise, and engage daily with your followers.

Promotion – Your business page is about your business. So, use it to promote your current offers, freebies, and your other content like blogs. Facebook has been the highest referrer of traffic to my website and sign-ups to my email list since I’ve started my business!

Content for Facebook Pages

The general copy on your business page should be filled out and sound like your business. Take the time to complete your about, contact info, and other general information. Be sure to add a nice-looking profile and cover photo, and if you can, get some reviews on there!

Let’s go more in-depth on creating content for your Facebook page. The most important thing to remember when creating any content for your business is to start with a strategy. An effective strategy will guide you on what to write so that you keep your messaging and audience in mind.

For Facebook posts, keep in mind that the Facebook algorithm works to push content that it deems worth based on a user’s actions, interest, and past engagements.

The easiest way to get the algorithm working in your favor is to create engaging content your audience likes. It will change depending on your audience and industry, but generally, video content, storytelling, and questions tend to perform well on Facebook pages.

Facebook Groups for Facebook Groups

rachel pederson facebook group
Rachel Pedersen’s Facebook Group which is all about Becoming a Social Media Manager

A Facebook Group is a feature that allows people who may have similar interests to be in one place. Groups are a great way to reach your core audience and grow your brand.

Growing a Facebook Group takes time, great content, and a real sense of community. It’s best practice to create a group around a topic of interest rather than your business. You want to create a space where people want to share ideas, collaborate, and give feedback. For example, if you run a nonprofit consulting business, your group can be a place for nonprofits to connect, share ideas, and gain value.

Groups are great for growing awareness of your brand. Brand the group just like any other part of your business, share your expertise, and your offers that may help your members.


When posting in Facebook groups, value is just as important. Your Facebook group content should entertain, inform, and encourage your audience to engage.

Telling stories, being vulnerable, giving advice, or tips related to your services are all great content for Facebook groups. Threads that encourage members to comment are also a great way to create a sense of community in your group.

A group generally is not a place to just promote your offers and services. It’s a place to build a community around your business and brand. Selling to your audience isn’t completely taboo, but you should be giving more value than anything else. Which is good practice for content you create.

I hope this blog was helpful! For more tips on how to effectively use social media and content for your business, be sure to join our email list here. Happy writing!

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