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This is a recurring theme, right? This is going to be the case for any content strategy I give you. If you’re not showing up, you can’t expect your audience to. Consistency is key when you’re trying to stand out and be visible. Without content, it’s harder to find you in the sea of people on the internet.

Schedule time each week/month/quarter to create a batch of content and schedule it. This will help you stay consistent without having to manually write every piece then post it. That’s how things get forgotten!

Pick a niche

Getting noticed isn’t about doing and writing all the things. It’s about writing about a few things really well. For example, I’m pretty good at childcare, style and managing my personal finances. However, on a normal basis, you aren’t going to see me talking about those topics. My realm of genius and my business is about content marketing so my content is to.

Figure out your realm of genius and stay there! If you haven’t heard already, hear it now: Pick three topics that your business is about, break those out into subtopics. Then, let that guide your content creation.


A cohesive brand can go a long way. Think about what makes your blog unique or how it represents you. Words, colors or phrases that really resonate with you and your audience.

For my brand, I love pink and sparkles so that became my brand. It also helps me attract women entrepreneurs.

Head to resources to see my full guide on branding.


The biggest way to make your blog stand out is through Search Engine Optimization. When people are looking for something. They turn to search engines. You want your blog to be among the results.

It’s important to remember keywords. What word that someone is looking for would pull up your blog post? Use that word throughout the post, in the alt text of your images and in the headline. Read a more in depth post on SEO here.


This is going to be the icing on the cake when it come to standing out. You’ve got to get your post out there! Everywhere you can, in unique places and in places your audience is.

Post about your blog post multiple times on social media. Let your audience know why they should read the post in the caption. Be sure to make the link as easy to find as possible (for example, put the link in your bio on Instagram instead of just to your website where they’d have to search for it).

Find different places or ways to post. You could do a Facebook live about your post and then link to your post in the comments. You could ask other similar blogs to link to your article. Try new ways until you find one that works.

You’ve got to know your audience to be able to find them. Where on the internet do they hang out? Or maybe they hang out in person. Facebook groups are a great place to find people who are interested in a particular topic. But, your audience could be on Pinterestest, Instagram, or Twitter. Once you know where to find them, let your blog be known!

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