How This Social Media Manager Creates Content Calendars

We all want our content to be consistent on social media. It’s one of the factors that social media platforms consider when deciding the reach of your posts.

But when you’re an entrepreneur with a small team, it’s not always easy to remember to post or even know what to say!

As a social media manager, I take the responsibility of having to post off my clients’ hands while focusing on consistency and lead-generation (and I must say I’m quite good at it!)

So, I’m going to show you exactly how I create a content calendar that keeps my clients consistent.

Create a Basic Calendar

Making things more complicated is a big fat NO in my business. I thrive on simplicity and so do my clients. So, I created a simple content calendar using the table feature in Google Docs. The columns are Date/Time, Image, Caption, Hashtags (Optional).

I started using Word, but Docs makes it easier to share and edit with my clients. It’s very basic but super effective.


Once their calendar is ready, I start crafting posts. The images I use depend on the client. Here’s how I typically work images into the content calendar:

Client Images: We use Google Drive to easily share images between me and my clients.

Stock photos: I love using Pexels, Stock photo memberships, and Canva to find the perfect photo!

Graphics: I design all of my graphics in Canva. I have the Pro version which has a lot of handy features like more photos, layouts, and background remover!

Content Strategy

I have to talk about strategy when it comes to creating a content calendar for my clients. Without a strategy, you will be lost. Your strategy will cover your goals, posting strategy, messaging, and more.

Want to start working on your strategy? Grab my Consistent Lead-Generating Strategy Workbook here.


Now, that we’ve created an amazing content calendar. It’s time to hit publish! In order to stay consistent and put more focus on engagement, I use social media schedulers.

My favorite schedulers are Later and Hootsuite. With your content calendar created, all you do is set it and forget it!

Yes, we’ve created that calendar, got her posts scheduled. It’s time to bring in the leads! Do you need more individualized help when it comes to content calendars? Head to my contact page to book a time to chat with me on your calendar!

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