How to Determine ROI on Your Marketing Efforts

When you start a business, you instantly become a marketing expert, coordinator, and analyst. It’s up to you and your team to track trends, look at the numbers, and decide how those numbers will affect your marketing strategy. This is not always easy if numbers or marketing aren’t your thing.

But without tracking and understanding your marketing efforts, you could be spending time on platforms and content that are not bringing value to your business. No one has time to waste!

As always, we’re here to help you maximize your content efforts. Here are some simple ways to track your marketing and content to know where to invest your time and money.

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Set Marketing Goals

Before you’re able to track anything, you will need to understand what goals you have for your content. Every social media channel should have a direct purpose which has a goal associated with it.

As a business owner, your goals may be related to engagement, follower count, leads, etc. Set a goal that will guide you through the content-creation process.

Tracking Spreadsheet

You most likely use multiple platforms to market your business and each have their own analytics. To be able to see how your marketing is performing, it helps to have a tracking spreadsheet where you watch the performance of all your channels in one place.

We’ve created our Leads Tracking Spreadsheet which we use to track the metrics of our content efforts. Download this spreadsheet here.

Link Shorteners like

When you share links, you want to understand as much as possible about who is clicking on those links. This is why I like to use Link Shorteners like that gives me more information about who is using the links.

For example, will share how many people have used the link, the countries they reside in, and where the clicked the link from. This data is gold when trying to determine how your content is performing.

This tool has been the absolute best way I’ve tracked my performance. Every link I share is a shortened link. This allows me to track how many clicks I’m getting and from where.

Leads Analysis

Do you have any idea where your leads are coming from? How does someone go from a follower to a client? You must be able to answer this question as a business owner!

Here’s how to track this information: Add a question on your intake form that asks how your leads how they found you. Once you understand where your leads are coming from, invest your time and money in the places where you’re getting a majority of leads.

These tips will for sure help you with creating better content because you can be more strategic on your platforms, posts, and types of content.

If you’re looking for more hands-on help, our team offers social media management, content writing, and consulting. Book a Call with us here.

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