How to use Instagram Reels for Business (2021)

Instagram Reels

Instagram is an ever-evolving platform. Its latest Tik-Tok style addition ‘Reels’ is proving to be a favorable outlet for businesses to grow their online presence and communities. So let’s look at the top questions asked about Reels and how to use Instagram Reels for your business!


What are Instagram Reels

Reels vs Stories

Reels vs TikTok

How to Create Reels

Using Instagram Reels for business

Best Practices – Ways to Use Instagram Reels

How to tell if reels are working

TLDR – Pros and Cons of Reels

Instagram Reels – What are they?

Instagram Reels are short-format video clips that can go up to 60 seconds long, made on Instagram. You can add sound, effects, text, and music to Reels to create engaging content for your audience.

Similar to Instagram Stories and TikTok, Reels are full of creative ways to grow your brand. What you create and how creative you get is totally up to you.

Reels vs Stories

We’ve already got stories so what is so different about Reels? Reels differ from stories in the following ways:

Stories and Reels are alike in many aspects but they are unique in their own rights and can offer different values to your business.

Reels vs TikTok

Being a lot like its predecessor TikTok, Reels gets compared to it a lot. A primary difference between the two is that Reels is a feature of the platform Instagram, and TikTok is a platform on its own. With TikTok, the experience is a bit more expansive and the opportunity to tap into the system’s algorithm favorably.

From video trends that users create with app effects to the likelihood of reaching new audiences which is pretty high. However, you must still consider the potential opportunities Reels provides. You are able to access your existing customer base that already uses Instagram when using Reels for business. 

Other differences between Reels and TikTok include:


The biggest difference between Reels and TikToks is that you are able to rearrange video clips and add original audio. Both Reels and TikToks use filters and effects.

However, in TikTok, you are able to apply edits after you have recorded your video, whereas Reels requires you to select a filter/effect beforehand. This tends to limit how you can change the look of your video after filming.

The same is true for filters and video effects in Reels which are not separate as they are on TikTok, again, this limits the ability to customize your videos. 


Both have music libraries. The Reels music library is limited to royalty-free music inside the app for most business accounts. This is good for avoiding copyright claims, but restrictive based on the options available.

TikTok’s vast music and sound catalog is a major attribute to its success, as much of the younger audience that gravitates to TikTok creates viral trends, dances, and challenges with popular music or audio made popular by users and grows the community. 

Caption Limits

Short-form videos tend to be quick, snappy, and to the point with visual punchlines. With the ability to overlay text in the video, TikTok has a caption limit of 100 characters, and the Reels limit is 2200. If you have a longer message to put out with your short or video, Reels would have the upper hand.

Knowing the differences between the platform uses will help you with key attributes businesses must-have. Adaptability. So here’s a tip on ways to post your Tik Toks to Reels 

How to Create Reels

If you use Instagram Stories, you may already have insight into how to make a Reel on Instagram.

“Reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or using video uploads from your gallery. Record the first clip by pressing and holding the capture button. You’ll see a progress indicator at the top of the screen as you record. Stop recording to end each clip”.(source: instagram)

This reels tutorial for beginners will show you how to get started with creating Reels for your business.

You’ve recorded your first couple of reels, but need to get your reels rolling on the algorithm, what’s next? You can start strategizing and creating your reels or have a social media company create and publish reels for you.

Using Instagram Reels for business 

Now that you know more about Reels you may be thinking “why should I use reels for my business?” or “is it worth it to use Reels?”

With all the various apps and trends, how can reels help your business stand out? Well, if you have an audience on Instagram, it is worth it to note they are investing in bringing e-commerce to Reels.

Having announced that shopping is coming to Instagram Reels, the savvy entrepreneur is already considering how to strategize using Instagram reels for their business and the best ways to do so.

Staying abreast of social media changes is necessary for your business. If you haven’t figured by now marketing, product placement, storytelling, and social media all walk hand-in-hand.

Whether you are creating a social media strategy or determining how to allocate funds in your marketing budget for social media marketing strategies, it pays (you) to be in the know. 

Best Practices – Ways to Use Instagram Reels

Here are some simple ways you or your social media manager  can use your reels to better your business:

-Display your products – Content is king! Take multiple videos of your product and stylize them in reels. If you are the product include yourself in a few simple aesthetically pleasing videos. 

 – Share details about your product/service in the caption – Let your audience know more about what you sell. The more confident they are about what you provide and how well it suits their needs the quicker they become buyers.

– Use Reels Ads – Like any other ad service reels are the way to go to sponsor your product/service a moment in the lime-light. We can tell you all about how to do it right.

– Make videos for sales, sneak peeks, and special offers – Make your offers exciting. Tease the goods with creative short video clips whenever something important is about to drop. Build good tension and get your audience excited for your next post.

– Share Educational Content – Educating people about your product/service with clips is a really good way to inform them of your value. This goes a little bit more than what it is, or how it is done. Talk about your added value! Is it good for the environment? Share some statistics. Informative content will establish you as the authority of your brand niche.

BONUS TIP: Take lots of primary videos and even more behind the scenes content. Stack them up and share that content separately over time  

How to tell if Reels are working

Reels Analytics

So let’s get to the ‘Reel’ meat of the matter, proof that your Reels are effective.

In Instagram Insights on Business and Creator accounts can access Reels analytics. 

You can tell your Reels are working based on:

  • The number of Plays – How many times your video was played overall
  • The number of Accounts Reached – How many unique viewers saw your video
  • # of Likes – How many users clicked like
  • # of Comments – How many comments made 
  • Times Saved – How many users bookmarked 
  • Times Shared – How many users shared

You are able to look in Insights, for your individual reel performance and the overall performance of your account. Otherwise, your social media manager can share these reports with you.

TLDR: To the busy entrepreneurs with a lot to manage, in need of social media help but not willing to read long blogs about it. Here are your cliff notes:

Reels are a great extension to ways you can easily create useful content for your existing client/customer base on Instagram. 

[WATCH] How to Create Reels 

You have two options when it comes to effectively using Instagram Reels for your business. First, you can Do-It-Yourself which takes time and patience. The second option is to work with a team like ours to get it done for you!


Reels are similar to already existing platforms or features like Instagram Stories or TikTok but are still unique in their own way.

You can create Reels, to add to how you interact with your existing audience on Instagram and your results have measurable analytics.

Create Reels on your own or have them created for you.  If you want to hire a minority, female-owned and operated social media agency in Cleveland, capable of creating, strategizing, and managing Reels or other social media content for you without you having to worry about it click here to connect with a professional content creator to get a consultation.

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