Make Extra Money from These Side Hustles Perfect for Millennials

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Our economy is making it tougher than ever for millennials to get by without some kind of side hustle to supplement income. But, side hustle gives the opportunity to try something new that’s creative and fun while making money!

Working on my blog and growing my content marketing business has given me amazing opportunities, the ability to help people with their businesses and a chance to take control!

I’m giving you ideas and steps on how to start your side hustle right now, so the money can start rolling in.

Make Extra Money from These Side Hustles Perfect for Millennials

Online Business

This one is obviously the first on my list because that’s what I do! The possibilities with an online business are limitless. Many people take their business to the next level thanks to growing a social media presence.

Ready to start? Take some time to think about a skill or service that you can provide to others that they want. Develop some packages you can offer someone. Reach out to your network, do some marketing and use social media to get some clients. Keep showing and growing!


Okay, I promise this list won’t be a bunch of things that I do. But, regardless of how much I enjoy blogging, it’s a great side hustle. Blogging is about more than just writing. It’s about having influence, building an audience and can be a very lucrative business.

Ready to Start? Develop your website, brand and blog concept. Create engaging content to attract an audience. Use social media to grow a presence and following. Make money using affiliate marketing, sponsorships or even offering products or services to your followers. Time to get writing!

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Uber Driver-Partner

You’ve probably heard of Uber by now! But if you’ve been under a rock, this ride request app allows you to quickly find a ride or make money by signing up and becoming a driver partner! It’s not just about riding either. You can make money by delivering food with Uber Eats, as well (you can do it with a bike in select cities!) Uber is a great side hustle if you’re looking for a flexible schedule, the chance to be paid weekly, or cash out immediately if you sign up with Instant Pay, and to drive around the town making cash.

Ready to Start? If you’re looking to be an Uber driver-partner, sign up here.

Be a Paparazzi Consultant

If you love jewelry, you will love this. My mom started selling Paparazzi jewelry which is lead and nickle free jewelry company, but all the piece only cost $5! Yep, you read that right. I’m not a jewelry person myself, but I’ve bought quite a few pieces from my mom that I actually like! It’s a great company to start if you want something fun to sell that won’t break your friends bank!

Ready to Start? All you have to do is purchase a starter kit and you’re all set! Going under my mom gets you some great perks!

Having a side hustle offers so many opportunities to not only make extra money, but something you enjoy! What are some fun ways that you’ve made some extra cash? Comment below!

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