Millennial Side Hustle Series: Lakisha Corbett

Being a side hustler can seem like the easier route to entrepreneurship. A stable day job instead of the full plunge is often more practical. But for many side hustlers, the end goal is to turn your side hustle into your day job. That’s exactly what Lakisha Corbett did from Our Lips Are Moving!

millennial side hustle series lakisha corbett

What is your day job?

I just recently quit my day job at a storage company back in New York City. I made the decided to take a leap and focus strictly on growing my coaching business and relocating. So I am currently living in Los Angeles and growing my side business to a 6 figure business.

What is your side hustle?

I run a Coaching Business that empowers ambitious women to release the need to hold on to self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that hinder them from living an abundant life. I am a Mindset Coach specifically working one on one with women. On our calls we dive deep into the underlining programming that keeps them from believing change is possible and create space to take aligned action and unleash their power.

Does your day job and your side hustle work together/one benefit the other?

My day job did not work together with my side hustle. I was working 50 hours a week and barely making enough to get by but the conditions of my job, reminded me why I was side hustling to begin with.

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What’s your advice to other side hustlers?

My advice is to remain focused on the bigger picture. I was able to survive the hustle of both by remembering my purpose and why I started my business to begin with. I made sure I made time to take care of my self, so that when I did have time to work on my business I was fully energized and committed to doing what was needed, to grow and improve.

How do you manage both?

I managed both by creating work hours for my business. I ensured that I would work on my business everyday, the same way I showed up to work. I decided to focus on what was most important to my business – content creation, growing my audience, adding value and selling. My priorities were clear so when it was time to work on my business – I knew what needed to be done.

Why do you love it?

I love it because I love helping women unleash their power. In my personal life I often felt like I didn’t have a voice and just had to accept what life handed me and once I was introduced to the personal development world – I realized how powerful I was. I have been on a mission ever since to help women find their voice and focus on what brings them joy.

Anything upcoming up that you’re excited about?

I just opened enrollment for my 6 week one on one program Raise Your Standards and it is amazing. I will be helping 4 women transform their lives and embark on a new exciting life journey.

Thinking about transitioning from side hustler to full time gigger? Tell us about it in the comments!

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