Millennial Side Hustle Series: Leah Berdysz

Plenty of time and dedication go into having a side hustle. Even time and dedication into other things like part time jobs to help fund your passion. Leah Berdysz of Empowered and Poised knows all about. She shares how to supports her hustle while managing plenty other projects on the side.

Leah Berdysz millennial side hustle series

What is your day job?

My day job is running my business, Empowered & Poised. Empowered & Poised is a girls wellness and empowerment organization. Our mission is to empower and enlighten girls as to how to be beautiful from the inside out through discovery of social, mental, and physical components. We offer after school programs and workshops to youth, tween, and teen girls. We also have an amazing blog that allows women and girls to share their stories and let their voices be heard.

What is your side hustle?

I have quite a few jobs to keep myself afloat while working on my passion. I teach first through sixth grade girls physical education, emcee/dance for Rock the House Entertainment, and am the Community Outreach Coordinator for LaunchHouse. In addition to these jobs I occasionally babysit as well.

Does your day job and your side hustle work together/one benefit the other?

Absolutely! Teaching an all girls PE course allows me to continuously learn about the needs of our youth and adds credibility to the brand I am building. Working at LaunchHouse I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded and supported by other entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and creatives. Since one of my main responsibilities at LaunchHouse is to spread the word about their company I am constantly meeting and learning from amazing, new individuals.

What’s your advice to other side hustlers?

Keep going! Do not give up when things get hard. I truly believe that with patience and persistence your passion can and will become your full-time gig.

How do you manage both?

I still use a paper planner to keep track of everything. Call me old fashioned, but I LOVE it!

Why do you love it?

I love what I do because I know I can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Anything upcoming up that you’re excited about?

Absolutely! I’m super excited for all the upcoming events and programs Empowered & Poised is offering. (If you are interested in learning more feel free to reach out or check out our events tab)

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