Millennial Side Hustle Series: Zimkita Nogela

On today’s installment of the millennial side hustle series, Zimkita Nogela tells us all about how she manages to continue and grow her business while maintaining a day job. Here’s how she does it all!

What is your day job?

I’m a customer service consultant at the bank.

What is your side hustle?

My side hustle, RoundSquare, is a boutique studio that does authentic branding, a killer website or app, dab in some sarcasm and social media content creation and management, so you can focus on wooing your dream clients and doing the stuff you love.

Does your day job and your side hustle work together/benefit each other?

Yes, somewhat as what is central to both is serving, which I enjoy.

What’s your advice to other side hustlers?

Plan like crazy (I’m somewhat a chronic list maker. Find a side hustle you enjoy doing and get a team if possible, even if it’s remote as one can’t do it all alone.

How do you manage both?

By planning, automating where possible and taking on a select number of clients I can service per month to avoid burn-out (which I’ve had before and it sucks!) as well as, poor service. Also work with some remote workers on an adhoc basis.

Why do you love it?

Because it allows me to unleash my creative, artsy side (unlike my bank job, which I also enjoy though) and to build something beyond myself. I also love that I get to partner with amazing entrepreneurs on their journey of building great businesses.

Anything upcoming up that you’re excited about?

Just relaunching my website and all the new things and collabs in the works for 2018.
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