My Favorite Emo Christmas Songs

I haven’t talked too much about my emo side on this blog. You can find one of my best emo pieces on the Odyssey (which I should probably also include on ATB).

Anyway, being emo was great in high school. The music, the clothes, the hair really just made it all worthwhile. Now in my twenties, my style has (somewhat) evolved away from my emo phase. But, I still love the music to this day.

In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to tell you about some of my favorite Christmas songs from back in my emo days, that I still listen to now! Enjoy!

1. Ho Ho Hopefully – The Maine

In my opinion, no Christmas mix is complete without Ho Ho Hopefully by the Maine. Sure, my opinion is extremely biased since I’m basically just a ball of the Maine music, but it really is a beautiful and touching song. Not to mention this video makes no sense and any true fan of the Maine will tell you that it is everything. Simply, because it is.

2. Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas – This Century

Though no longer together, This Century had a sound that was all their own that you can hear in this upbeat and loving Christmas song. This is the song you listen to when you’re ready to serenade your love after you’ve had 3 glasses of egg nog. This Century, if you’re reading this, please get back together and perform this song for me.

3. Mile High Christmas – Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina has drastically changed their sound since their screamer, Kyle, left the band. But, this Christmas song is a true classic. Now, it is a little r-rated since it’s basically about getting Santa high. So, maybe don’t play it at the family Christmas party. But, this song is perfect for jamming with your fellow emos who love to scream with you in unison.

4. Anything from “…And A Happy New Year” by the Maine

Okay, yes. The Maine is on my list twice and basically their entire Christmas album. Sorry, not sorry. The Maine’s Christmas EP is one that you can listen to while decorating the tree, over a family dinner (well, maybe not Santa Stole My Girlfriend since Santa is referred to as a bitch), or at an ugly sweater party with the crew. Basically, just make this EP your main Christmas mix.

5. Rated Xmas – The Millionaires

Rated Xmas definitely holds true to it’s name so going to mark this a NSFW. But, what can you expect from the girl group, the Millionaires? This song is definitely perfect to play for your friends with a bit of a twisted sense of humor. Derogatory remarks about Santa aside, the song is fun, upbeat, and hilariously catchy. Just try not to sing it around Grandma.

I hope these songs help you enjoy a very emo Christmas! Let me know if you like posts like this by commenting and sharing! Happy Holidays!

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