Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards

If you’re wondering how to increase engagement and traffic for Pinterest, group boards are how you do it! A group board is where multiple pinners collaborate pins to one Pinterest board.

The more group boards you are in the better. When you share a pin to your individual board, your followers see it. But, when you share a pin to a group board, you have access to their followers as well! Plus, you have more pins you can add to your boards which increases consistency.

Group boards do wonderful for the creator of the board since most members will follow the creator to get into the group board (not a requirement). So, I’d recommend creating one for yourself. All you have to do is create a regular pin board, then start adding contributors using the big + sign in the board. Contributors can be added by email.

To find a group board, the easiest thing to do is look for the topic your business or blog is centered around. You can use the search function to find boards or ask pinners in your niche for access to their boards.

To make use of pin boards, when you post a pin from you blog, simply save that pin in all your group boards as well. The more you share it, the more reach it has.

You can find my two Pinterest boards here to get an example of what Pinterest boards are like:

Message me your email to join either board and start pinning!

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