Positioning Yourself as an Expert

When you’re thinking about your content, think about why someone would want to work with you. One reason that someone may choose to work with you over someone else is because they perceive you to be an expert in your field.

Think about the people you follow or hire on. Think about this program! Would you be here if you weren’t confident in the fact that I know a thing or two about content? Probably not. Let’s talk about how to position yourself as an expert.

Choose Your Expertise

Obviously, this part is crucial in being an expert. What are you going to become an expert in? To choose your expertise, pick something that you’re good at and you enjoy. For me, I love writing and I love business/entrepreneurship. So, content marketing fits perfectly for me.

Don’t worry about being too specific. Specific was good! If someone needs an expert, they know they can go to you!

Share Your Opinions on Your Industry

An expert not only knows what’s going on in their field, but also lets others know about it! Share what you know with your audience. Give your insights on whats’s going on and why.

It helps to take a stand and really be expressive about it. My stance is often to focus on quality over quantity which I often preach to my clients and to my audience. People gravitate towards people who have a clear opinion.

Circulate Your Topic Around Your Content

The biggest reason why content comes easier to me (besides my love of writing) is because I already know exactly what I want to write about beforehand! The exact topic may not be there until I’m actually writing, but I know it will be about content, blogging or social media. My expertise.

When you determine your expertise, circulate your content around it! The more people actually see you talking about this topic, the more they associate it with you. Share your wins, your client testimonials, and anything else related to how you’re successful and knowledgeable in your field.

Know You are an Expert

The most important piece to positioning yourself as an expert is believing it yourself. Do you doubt your expert status? Then, how will others confidently believe it? This is all about your own mindset.

Always remember that even if you’re just beginning your journey, there is someone else who knows far less than you and needs you to help them! Even if you’re not the most know person, you can still be an expert.

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