Products Every Millennial Woman Needs – June Edition

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So, I decided to start something new on the blog this week. People often ask me where I get products they notice in my pictures (or in real life). It’s no secret that I love stuff and shopping, so I thought I’d share some of my awesome finds with you!

I’ll be breaking it down based on each category of the blog (Beauty, Career, Relationships, Adulting, and Money) each month. Let’s get started with products I’m obsessed with this month!


melinated and educated shirt

This one is all about the relationship we have with ourselves. For me this shirt is all about my most obvious identity: a black woman. As someone who has always struggled with accepting her blackness (especially my hair), I love that this shirt lets you take pride in who you are. On top of showing pride, this shirt was also designed by a wonderful black woman that I know! *Support a black business!* Plus, this shirt is limited edition, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! Link below.

Melinated & Educated Shirt: $24.99



I am OBSESSING over this light that I bought for pictures and videos (coming soon!). Taking beautiful pictures is absolutely in my line of work as a Marketing Specialist, Influencer, and Social Media Freelancer. I love this light because it really makes pictures look amazing. If you’re trying to capture a glorious, Instagram worthy picture, get yourself a Limostudio Photography Kit Umbrella Light. Click on the pic to buy!


Beauty Products

false eyelashes beauty

I have always been saddened by the length of my eyelashes and jealous of all my friends who had long gorgeous ones. Instead of sitting around waiting for my lashes to grow, I decided to take matters into my own hands by buying some falsies. BEST THING I EVER DID. Nothing makes a makeup look better than some beautiful long eyelashes. Since I can’t grow them myself, might as well throw some on! Fast, easy, and looks amazing. Still testing the waters, but once I find a specific brand I like, I’ll let you know!


Money Management

credit karma logo app

I’ve loved this app for a while and you should be using it too! Credit Karma gives you the ultimate snapshot into your credit history. Keeping track of you score is vital to financial success! Not only did this app show me each daunting student loan on my account and how much I’ve payed, but it also gives suggestions on how to get that score up! My score has been inching closer to 700 every month I’ve been using it (and I started with no credit!). Take control of your credit by downloading Credit Karma! Link below

Credit Karma App: FREE



kahiki general tsos meal

When I say that this is a delicious and fulfilling lunch, I am not kidding. I don’t always have the time to cook (nor do I ever want to). But, I am a hungry girl especially after hours of staring at a computer screen. I love that this isn’t just the yummy chicken. It comes with a spring roll! When I say I bought 5 at a time, this is not an exaggeration. Stop spending money at the vending machine or Wendy’s for lunch. Invest in yourself by getting this lunch (also pick me up a few). Store locator below.

Kahiki General Tsos Chicken + Chicken Egg Roll: Price vary upon location

I hope you liked this product round-up! I’ll try to do this as often as possible. Got a product that you want me to try? Leave it in the comments!

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