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When using Facebook in your marketing strategy, creativity really is key. Facebook is first and foremost a place to connect with friends and family. Many users actually use Facebook for social networking instead of business and marketing. So, as a marketer of your business, you must be aware of this.

You also must be aware that advertising on Facebook is not only frowned upon by the community, but also Facebook itself. They understand what their community wants. So, advertising can come at a price. However, you can use the algorithms to your advantage.

The key to promoting on Facebook is to understand the power of relationships. Facebook is for connecting, no matter how much you make it about business. The core of Facebook marketing is connecting. Once, you understand how to connect with people without promotion being your first objective, you will see more success in your business.

Let’s look at some ways to connect and provide value on Facebook.

Sharing Expertise

The best way to promote yourself is by promoting what you know rather than what you sell. Your knowledge is what draws people to your business. If someone wants to work with you, they probably want to know that you know your stuff.

Content that shows your knowledge is awesome because you’re showing yourself off without saying “Buy, buy, buy!”

Share Your Experience

When your a big part of your brand, people want to know more about you. You content needs to have the know, like and trust factor to get people really invested in your tribe. People want to work with someone they can relate to and actually cares about them and their business.

To build this relationship with your ideal client through content, you must share personal experiences about yourself. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, talk about ups and downs and be honest with your audience. It’s not always easy to do, but your audience will appreciate you for it.

Solve a Problem

If you’re looking on content that will provide value to your audience, solving a problem is a sure fire way to do this. Your audience is coming to you, most likely because they have a problem. If you can solve an aspect of that problem or give them a clear solution through your content, your content will be more valuable to them.

For example, I did a post in my group about how to be more visible. One solution I gave was being on podcasts and I gave a pitch I’ve used in the past. For an audience who wants to learn how to grow their business, this solution was of value!

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