Sell Without Selling on Your Blog

The reason that I love blogging is because my business started as a blog and has grew into so much more. Also, because blogging offers you a way to really test the waters of running a business. My blog was more of a hobby before I started, however treating it as a business has helped it grow a ton. There are plenty of ways to market your services without being overly salesy and turning off your audience.

Share an Honest Experience

When promoting something to your audience, give them honest feedback on your experience to make them truly intrigued. For example, if affiliate marketing is your thing, simply saying you really liked a product isn’t enough. Tell your followers how you used the product, why you use it and how it has helped your life. This goes the same if you’re promoting your own products. People buy from people because they can trust them. Sharing your experience is a sure fire way to build trust.

Here’s an example of me promoting an affiliate link to Lyft by sharing my experience with the app: Save Money While Traveling.

Share Information

Information is powerful and everyone is seeking it. So, sharing information is a wonderful way to not only bring people to your site and offers, but actually make them want your offers. If you’re able to teach someone something that they didn’t know then give them something that can help them in return, you’ve got them! If you have an offer, share something that is relevant to your audience like tips, advice, step-by-step instructions related to the offer. They may be looking for your help, so give it to them!

Here’s an example of information I provided in relation to the 10 Day Content Creation Challenge: Content Your Audience Loves

Address a Problem

Who doesn’t want the answer to their problems? No one. So creating content on your blog that solves a specific problem for your audience is going to make a big difference. Think about the problems that your product or service solves for your audience. Write down a few. Next, thing of topics that address these problems. There’s your content! Provide tons of value then allow your audience to further solve that problem by offering something that relates. It’s time to get blogging

Here’s an example of addressing the problem of not getting enough speaking gigs and offering a speaking gig: Speaking Opportunities

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