Selling on Your Sales Page

Sales pages are an integral part of your business. Most people search for what they are looking for online prior to actually contacting someone about their needs. So, your sales page is one of the first steps in the buyer process!

Let’s talk about the must-haves on your sales page to make sure it sells you and your offers well!


This section of your page is where you really talk your services up! You want to feel like this is something they really need. What do they get? Why do they need it? How is this going to change their life?

When thinking about copy for this page, there are some key components you can include. Tell a story about overcoming failure, address a problem, or take your customer through the journey of solving a problem or working with you.

Intro to You

You can’t forget that people not only want to know about your products, but about you! People buy from people. Especially people they know, like and trust. So, take this opportunity to build that.

Talk about what you do, why you do it, and how you help people. You can also talk about what it’s like to work with you specifically. When we’re in a world of people doing the exact same thing as us, you’ve got to stand out or be unique to find your ideal client.

Calls to Action

Always, always, always give your potential clients a next-step. Actually, you should try to have multiple call to actions on your sales page. The same call but placed in multiple places.

Some great calls to action are to download a freebie, to set up a call, or to simply pay for whatever it is you’re offering. I like the call option best so I can access who I’m working with before we actually do any work together.


Nothing makes people want to buy more than social proof. If someone can see that other people enjoy working with you, are getting results and then rave about it, that should be on your sales page!

If you’re looking for testimonials to include on your sales page, ask some past clients to give you some info. You could even provide your offering for a discounted rate in exchange for a testimonial!


People love pictures especially people on the internet. So, don’t forget to include images/video on your sales page. Not only is it pleasing, but it helps break things up better to make your page easier to read.

Some image/video ideas: Image/videos of you (of course!), image/videos of your client or their testimonial, and stock photos that showcase what you do (women on laptops/talking/etc.)

Want an example? Check out my services page which is about to be re-done but still has a lot of what’s discussed above!

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