Social Media Don’ts: Business Edition

Social Media can be tricky for those who don’t fully understand it. However, it’s still a crucial tool that makes a big difference. I recommend for all businesses to have this in their marketing plans. So, don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged by these platforms. Use them to your advantage, but don’t do anything too crazy.

Don’t Post without a Plan

One common don’t I see is posting without a plan in place. Just like with any aspect of your business, your social media marketing strategy needs a plan. Don’t start posting until you have a why, when, and what written in a wonderful little document.

Do Create a Social Media Plan

Creating a plan is simple. Just do a little research on the demographics of each platform. If your audience is on that platform, then you should be too! If they aren’t, I wouldn’t bother. Next, think about what kind of content you want to share on your profiles, how often, and when the best times are to post! Lastly, don’t forget to set realistic goals for yourself whether they be increase engagement, generate traffic, or brand awareness.

Don’t Stick With the Same Old Strategy

Having a plan is great, but having an updated plan is better. If you’re on social media, you will see that it is constantly changing. Nothing ever stays the same for too long. So, if you’re using a plan that’s a little old, it may be time to update.

Do Adapt and Change with Social Media Trends

I recommend changing your strategy every 2-3 months. The algorithms are changing constantly and it’s up to you to keep up and make your content relevant! Use insights and anaytics to see what posts are working more than others. Read about changing trends from the sites’ blog or through popular trend and tech blogs like Refinery29 and TechCrunch.

Don’t Put Quantity over Quality

The many social media algorithms put an emphasis on not showing all your content, but only what certain people may be interested in. But, that doesn’t mean that you should try to put out as much content as possible hoping it will be seen if that means sacrificing quality.

Do Create High Engaging Quality Posts

Always, always, always focus on quality. Even if you cannot create the most content, you are more likely to see positive engagement from a high quality post. And the platforms will reward you for that by showing your post more! Use tools like Photoshop and Canva to create quality graphics. I recommend blogging 1-2 times weekly, if you’re on a tight schedule.

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Don’t Post Insensitive Content on Social Media

I’m all for stating your opinion on Facebook, but if you’re opinion is insensitive to others based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or any other protected class, I wouldn’t post it.

Do Be Respectful to Everyone

Not just because anyone could be a customer, but because it’s a decent thing to do. If you’re plan in business is to alienate a certain group through social media, you’re doing a lot of things wrong. I’m not going to lecture you on being a decent person, but I’d definitely recommend it!

Don’t Hire Someone Clueless

Like many things in business, social media management can be outsourced. However, just because you pay someone, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. You don’t want someone who doesn’t understand how social media works and thinks it’s just about posting.

Do Hire a Professional Social Media Manager

Hiring someone can take the stress and time away from you. If you want to hire someone, look for someone who has experience working with other businesses, understands algorithms, creates quality content, and wants to know as much about your business as possible to best serve you. Hire someone who build you a thriving social media presence, like me!

It’s easy and normal to make mistakes when starting out on social media. It’s important to stay true to yourself and your business. Never compromise you brand for what “should” be done. The best thing about social media is there are many ways to achieve your goals. Find what works best for you and do it better than anyone else!

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Daynna Hartjes
October 5, 2017 At 11:00 am

Yes girl, love these tips! I 100% agree with the quality over quantity thing. I know we’re talking about social media here, but I think it’s absolutely applicable to the actually blogging side of things as well! There’s no way I could post more than once or twice a week and keep the quality of posts consistent, but when I do post I really try to make my posts as in-depth and informative (even if they’re just anecdotes) as possible! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    Brittney Moffatt
    October 5, 2017 At 11:00 am

    Love it! I agree. While having a lot of blog posts can bring traffic, if they come to get no so great content, they won’t come back! Thanks for reading!

Brittny Pierre
October 5, 2017 At 11:00 am

Thank you for these tips!!

Kendra Wilson
October 9, 2017 At 11:00 am

Great tips! Social media is always changing and this is a great resource to help keep up with the times.

    Brittney Moffatt
    October 9, 2017 At 11:00 am

    Thanks for reading! I agree! Social media a great tool!

    Brittney Moffatt
    October 13, 2017 At 11:00 am

    Thank you for reading!

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