Social Media Goal-Setting

Social Media Goal Setting

There are many benefits to setting goals. The biggest being that it gives you something to strive for. You also have the ability to measure your strategy. If you’re not hitting a goal, it may be time for a change. Here’s how you can set goals for social media and achieve them!

Followers – Set a realistic goal for followers you want to gain. Followers are not the most important thing when it comes to social media, but they can make an impact. The key to actually succeeding is focusing on one platform at a time. Trying to grow all at once kills your focus which kills your goals reach potential. Set a goal for one platform for a week or month. List ways to get to that goal and actually do them.

Ex. I want 100 new Facebook followers by the end of January. I will get there by posting in follow threads, inviting those who like my content to like and posting about my page on other accounts.

Engagement – This is a hard one to really measure. But, you can set a goal for how many comments, likes and shares you want on a post. When creating, you will be more likely to create something that people will actually interact with. Make sure your goal is realistic based on past posts and as you grow, your goals will, too.

Ex. I want this post to get 10 likes and 3 comments. I will ask a question, comment myself to boost the post and make the content relatable.

Consistency – If you’re having a problem with being consistent, set a goal. Make it realistic but also challenging enough to make an impact. Take advantage of scheduling tools that make it easy to post even when you aren’t there. Also make use of calendars to plan your content instead of being in the idea phase when creating content.

Ex. I’m going to create 3 posts a week for Facebook. I will write them on Sunday and schedule them throughout the week.

Keep track of your goals and be sure to update them when you reach them. If you’re not reaching them, it might be time to change your social media strategy.

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