Standing Out By Getting Your Instagram Posts in the Top Posts

Instagram is a great social media to find your tribe due the many possibilities to get your content seen. Today, I’m talking about the top posts for hashtags. This section is where Instagram puts post that they want more people to see. Let’s stand out!

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are the primary way to be found on Instagram. Hashtags allow users to filter through content that is relevant to them. You want your content to be one of the posts they see when searching. To do that, you’ll need to do some research on relevant hashtags.

Manual Search – Type in hashtags into the Instagram search. See how many posts are in that particular post. You might not want to use ones with only a few or a couple hundred posts. People most likely aren’t looking there. You also don’t want to use too many hashtags that hundreds of thousands of posts. I recommend a mix of hashtags with a couple thousand and larger number of posts.

Discover – The new discover page has categories which include popular hashtags at the very top! If you’re trying to reach people interested in those categories, that’s a great place to start!

Testing – As always, test out which hashtags work best for you. Once you test them, be sure to change them around. I don’t recommend copying and pasting the same 30 hashtags over and over!

Consistent Content

The more consistent you are, the more likely you will end up in the top posts or have multiple posts there! Shoot for posting once a day on Instagram. It sounds difficult, but schedulers make it a lot easier! Head to Additional Resources to see my favorite scheduler tools.

If posting everyday isn’t for you, post as much as you can but ensure your post is high quality. Meaning the photo isn’t blurry or irrelevant to your audience, the caption is engaging and your hashtags bring more people in. Don’t waste time on crappy content!


Instagram likes people who spend time on Instagram! Spend time replying to followers, liking and commenting on your followers content, and doing the same for those who aren’t following you.

A great way to increase engagement is by using Instagram pods. An Instagram pod is a basically a group message where multiple people send posts to get instant love from others in the group. It’s a great way to get quick, instant and consistent engagement with your posts which is always needed! Find people you know, like and trust to start one with!

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