Staying Fit When You’re In a Relationship

One thing that I never knew about entering a serious long term relationship (because this is my first one) is that couples tend to gain weight together. Going on dinner dates, staying in bed all day, snuggling up by the TV are common couple activities that neither burn or prevent calories. Next thing you know, you’ve got relationship gut and forgot the meaning to the word fit.

Now, I’ve never been one to stress about weight. I’ve tried to be body positive with myself and others because I believe that your weight doesn’t equal your value as a person. However, I did realize that eating junk food and cuddling on the couch every night was doing no good for either of our bodies.

So, we are both working to keep each other on the ball and here’s how.


Encourage each other to go to the gym

The most challenging part of going to the gym is simply getting there. There are going to be days where you just don’t feel like going, same with your partner. But, sometimes you have to push people to do what’s best for them. Most likely, if your partner sees you excited and ready to go, they’ll get there too.


Understand the benefits for you and your partner

In order to encourage your partner (and yourself) to work out, you need to understand why you are working out. Now, most people will say to lose weight, but there has to be more than that. For me, I workout because I love how much energy (and creativity!) I get from working out. Hitting the gym motivates me to do other things (for example, working out this morning motivated me to write this!) Plus, I have a lot of fun doing pole!


Create a reasonable schedule and routine

Always do what’s best for you. What’s best for your partner, isn’t always going to be the right thing for you. I work out about 1-2 times per week. Brad goes about 3-4 times per week (he’s crazy). I’m not going to make myself feel bad for not going as much as he does. Your partner also shouldn’t be making you feel bad for not going as much as them either. Your body means your rules. Do what is best for your body.


Find other fit activities

Going to the gym everyday can really be exhausting, especially after you’ve worked a full time job. I completely understand. But, just because you don’t feel like an intense workout, doesn’t mean you should just Netflix and Chill all night. In the winter, we ski with Brad’s family a few weekends (which if you ski, you know that’s physically demanding) or in the summer we’ll hike with his family, so we’ll count that as a workout and maybe skip a day or two. We also pretty frequently go on long walks when we both are just too drained to hit the gym. Not only is a walk better than sitting around, we also get to explore Ohio City and Cleveland, and we spend some quality time together.


Motivate; Don’t promote hate

As I mentioned before, motivating your partner is crucial to staying fit together. However, being encouraging is being positive. YOU SHOULD NEVER BULLY YOUR PARTNER ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT OR BODY TO GET THEM TO WORK OUT. We want the ones we love to feel good about themselves, that’s why we exercise. The goal of exercising shouldn’t be to change your partner’s body or make them feel ashamed for the way they look. So please keep that in mind when working out with your partner.

I hope these tips help you and the important person in your life live a more healthy lifestyle. It won’t always be easy, but you will thank yourselves in the long run by sticking with it together!

What are your favorite ways for you and your partner to get fit and stay in shape? Comment below!


May 21, 2016 At 6:40 pm

Great advice! Me and my boyfriend encourage each other to go to the gym and now we have decided to become vegetarians together! We have gained weight together in the past so we loved the tips!

    May 21, 2016 At 6:40 pm

    That’s awesome! We’ve talked about going veg too. And it’s so easy to gain weight especially in the beginning!

August 1, 2017 At 6:40 pm

As easy it is to put on weight while you are in a relationship so difficuli it is to lose it if your partner does not agree.Nice post!!

    Brittney Moffatt
    August 1, 2017 At 6:40 pm

    So true! I’m still trying to lose weight from the first couple years. We’ve been together almost 6!

August 2, 2017 At 6:40 pm

It is so much required. To encourage each other to stay fit and healthy.

    Brittney Moffatt
    August 2, 2017 At 6:40 pm

    Yes! Gotta be a United front!

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