Teeth Whitening Before the Wedding: Does it Work?

The countdown is on for the wedding! So much to do to prepare for the big day when it comes to looking amazing. Hair, makeup, nails. But, what about teeth?

Your smile is one of the most important parts of your wedding day! Which is why I was really excited to partner with Smile Brilliant to try out their #1 dentist recommended teeth whitening system.

I’ve never whitened my teeth before, so I didn’t know anything about the process. But, I figured what better time to whiten my teeth than what will probably be one of the most photographed days of my life!

Making My Impressions

I received my kit in the mail and was beyond excited to see it! When I opened it, it had trays, gels and instructions on how to make my teeth impressions.

Like I mentioned before, I have no idea how to whiten my teeth. So, I was grateful to see the clear instructions on how to create good impressions. You create a mold and then send it off to the lab.

Even though I still managed to mess it up because I’m just me, I eventually got my actual custom fit whitening trays to begin the process.

Whitening Process

This is the fun part – wearing the trays. I’ve never had anything like this in my mouth before! But, it was surprisingly comfortable. They trays are soft, so I was able to get my whitening in at work in the mornings. You can leave them in for about 45 minutes to 3 hours!

I was a little worried about the whitening gels being too harsh for my teeth which have shown signs of sensitivity. But, I had absolutely no problems whatsoever! I even weirdly enjoyed the taste of the desensitizing gel used after the whitening gel!

The Results

My teeth have never been this white! I cannot believe how beautiful my teeth look and just in time for the wedding. I did my whitening sessions about every other day so I could get the best results.

Clearly I got them!


If you want results like these, I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to offer you a chance to try out this brilliant system I used! Want to enter? Head here.

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