The Epic Brittney and Bradley Wedding Post

I am MARRIED! I seriously cannot believe the whirlwind of a year we’ve had. But, it’s had so many amazing moments. Like saying “I do.”

As much as I’ve been dreading this post (because I know it will be long), it’s time to recap one of the biggest moments of my life!

So sit back, grab your drink of choice and buckle up for this ride.


I’m not going to dive too deep here because I made a whole post about it. But, just had to mention how incredible this moment was. We look back on this with so much fondness without knowing the challenging road to come!

The Decision

So, if you know us, you probably know that we are kind of weird. We aren’t very traditional at all and had a lot of ideas about how we wanted to get married. All of which didn’t include the big party.

Making the decision was one of the most stressful parts. We worried about money, being stressed and how to do it right. We are both prone to anxiety and this was getting bad. Ultimately, we decided we didn’t want to be stressed about it for a whole year. That’s how we made the decision to get married in 3 months.

The Planning

The beginning stages of planning were horrible. I didn’t enjoy it at all. People’s opinions, the pressure to be perfect, the money sweats. Ugh. On top of working full time and running a business, your girl was ready to kill someone (It makes me anxious just writing about it).

With so much on my plate, I decided to do something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I did it in college – see a therapist. Therapy helped me so much with managing my stress and coping in a healthy way.

The Dress

Dress shopping was easy! Walking into David’s Bridal with my mom and bridesmaid, I already knew what style of dress I liked. Ball gown style because I’m the content Queen with Megan Markle classy elegance.

You may be surprised by the fact that I have a simple style. I love pink and sparkles, but in some moderation. Patterns and designs aren’t really my thing (besides cheetah print). I loved my solid white dress that I was able to accessorize with sparkles.

The Bridal Shower

My mom and mother-in-law planned my bridal shower near Brad’s parent cottage. I was so excited when I saw the decor they picked as it was so – me (Pink, of course!)

During the party, we played a few really fun games, opened some really thoughtful gifts and even went on a rainy boat ride around the lake! Plus, my outfit, though!

Bachelorette Party

For my bachelorette party, my maid of honor and I had a few of my friends go out to dinner, pre-game at my house and head out for a night on the town.

We had matching “Squad” shirts, I looked amazing and got so many well wishes when we went out! Plus, Humble Wine Bar treated me to a glass of wine!

Wedding Day 1

Okay, let’s get into the big day! Brad and I have always loved the idea of eloping. Getting married in front of a crowd just wasn’t our thing. But, we have people we value in our life like parents and siblings. So instead, we decided to have a courthouse wedding with the whole gang.

We had to get up super early to get ready and take first look photos. The day of I was so nervous, so I listened to wedding meditations to calm my nerves. My bridesmaid, Aziza, stayed the night with me at my home which made me feel a lot better.

After hair, makeup and the dress, I was ready to go. After a ton of confusion as to where to go, I finally met my groom at the top of the Convention Center. Seeing him for the first time really calmed my nerves.

The Ceremony

At the courthouse, I was super excited. But, we had to wait about an hour to see the judge which was turning me into a ball of nerves. I’m so lucky that my photographer, Latisha Cammon, was on top of things. She checked on the judge, called to hold our brunch reservation and took amazing photos and videos during that time.

Despite all my worries, when our name was called and we walked into that room, it was like everything but happiness washed away.

Our judge, Jasmine Torres-Lugo, was the sweetest lady I’ve ever met. She had the courtroom decorated for us, music playing and a ceremony prepared. This was it.

I was standing in front of the guy I’m about to marry.

We said our vows which were so sweet. Brad really poured his heart out. I cried throughout mine and talked fast because I hate talking while crying! That moment was quick, but it was so magical. I truly felt like it was just us.

After, we took pictures, banged the gavel at Brad’s request and then headed to brunch!

After Ceremony Brunch

Once we arrived at the Burnham, I was so relieved that everything went well. They were gracious enough to hold the breakfast brunch for our group. We ate in the beautiful private room!

After a quick outfit change, we ate the delicious brunch, had a champagne toast and just had a fun time together!

House Afterparty

Since we bought a house this year (and yes, there is a blog on that!), we decided to give our family and friend the chance to see it! So, we had a little get together which was so much fun!

I can’t describe how proud I feel from buying a home and being able to entertain guests. Of course, then we headed to our hotel (lol)

Wedding Day 2

We spent a lot of time setting up the day before, so I actually didn’t set up at all the second day. Brad’s mom and sisters were so great at putting the finishing touches. Along with the wedding party (and spouses) who helped the day before!

That morning, we had breakfast with Brad’s cousin/groomsmen, Travis, and wife, Anna-Marie, at the hotel. Then, Brad went to the gun range with his friends while Anna-Marie and I drank white claws and decompressed. Soon, my assistant, Jacinta, arrived and it was time to get ready!

Hair, Makeup, Dress. All over again!

We also exchanged our gifts with our bridal party and parents.


The beginning of the reception was very stressful for me. See, when you don’t have a planner. You become the planner. So, everyone was looking to me to know where to go, what to do, etc. But, once the drinks started flowing, I was pretty good!

We entered, had our first dance, cut the cake, danced with our parents. The usual stuff. We had our maid of honor and best men give speeches which were amazing. Our moms also gave speeches that everyone loved!

After, was my favorite part – The dancing! I had so much fun getting down with my loved ones in my dress.

Special Thank Yous

What would a wedding be without a bunch of thank yous to the people we love?

First, I’d like to thank my mom for helping with decorations, the cake and dealing with my crabby mood a lot. Everything turned out beautiful because of her.

Next, I’d like to thank Brad’s mom for planning all the food and drinks, making everything special and dealing with my crabby mood (To be fair, I dealt with their moods, too lol!). I’m so excited to be apart of the Oddo family.

Of course, thanks to Brad’s dad for footing the bill! Plus, helping with everything else.

I can also thank According to Brittney for footing the bill! This was the first time, I really paid myself and it felt amazing to see what my hard work could do. Along with my clients who believe in my work!

Thank you to Brad’s sisters who worked hard during the wedding. Tiffany did literally everyone’s makeup and mine twice. Kristen filmed everything which was nice since I couldn’t find a videographer.

I want to thank the bridal party including Best Man Derek, Maid of Honor Mariah, bridesmaids Brianna and Aziza, and groomsmen Travis and Adam. They stepped up for us both when we were freaking out.

Also, special thanks to my friend, Amber, who often listened to me complain without judgment.

Big special thanks to my friend, Brandi who is also an owner and expert planner at All Events Planned. She answered ALL of my questions and literally mapped out everything for me!

Thank you to Lisha Navarro who helped me find some vendors at the last minute! Our bartender and photo booth attendant were great!

Of course, thanks to all of our family and friends who attended. No one even batted an eye at the fact that they got an invite for a wedding happening so soon. Thank you for celebrating with us.

Vendors and Sponsors

I have to use this space to also thank all the vendors and sponsors who made this day possible!

Officiant – Judge Jasmine Torres Lugo

Makeup Artist – Tiffany Oddo

Hair Stylist – Brianna Moffatt

Accessories – Veonna Moffatt, Paparazzi

Ceremony Photographer – Latisha Cammon

Brunch Location – Burnham Restaurant

Reception Photographer – Katie Logsdon

DJ – Andy Forst

Venue – Ledgewood Clubhouse

Final Thoughts

After everything, the most important thing is that we’re married. After 7 years of dating, one house, and one cat later, we share the same last name. I’m so happy and lucky to have such an amazing husband.

My advice for other brides is to remember this – Your Husband. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

Whoo! That’s it!


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