Welcome Email Sequences

Welcome Email Sequences

When people hop onto your email list, they should be welcomed! Not with a “Hey, buy my services!” message, but something that provides them with value and keeps them opening up your emails!

Most people that come onto your email list are going to be cold. Cold means that they are the least likely to buy your services. So, pushing promotions at them will just turn them off.

Instead offer them something worth giving their email for! Here are some suggested email prompts:

  • Introduction
  • Another free offer
  • A free strategy call
  • A targeted lower priced offer


Introducing yourself is a must for a welcome sequence! Plenty of people just sign up for things without even seeing who is offering it.

This is a chance to woo your new potential lead. Tell them about what you do and how awesome you are! Pretend that you’re introducing yourself to a friend.

Another Free Offer

If you’re offering an opt-in or freebie, chances are your audience likes free stuff. You’ve got their attention, keep it by offering something else. Have a Facebook group or community they could join? Have a free email course or an add on to your first freebie? Include it in your next email.

Strategy Call

Offering calls is a great way to get to know your audience and gain their trust. Human interaction even through a video chat or phone call is so much more personal than a comment or like.

An email like this could talk about a pressing issue your ideal client or audience has. Provide a solution to that problem. Next, offer a strategy call to get more in depth in the problem.

Targeted Lower Priced Offer

Selling your high-priced service to a brand new lead isn’t advised. Most people don’t buy a 3k package from a stranger. But, lower priced or lower risked items may be something more reasonable.

For example, if someone joined your list through an opt in for a “How to Land Dream Clients E-Book.” A $10-50 dollar webinar on onboarding clients or cold emails would be a great follow up offer.

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