We’re Engaged! Our Proposal Story

We're Engaged! Our Proposal Story

Here’s a story about how my boyfriend turned fiance bamboozled me and proposed.

Our engagement story actually starts last year. We had the awesome opportunity to work with Allison Hopkins photography to do our first couple’s session. This session was to get Allison more Cleveland shots for her photography business.

So when Allison reached out to me again, I thought nothing of it! Of course we would do some more photo sessions with Allison. I even asked Brad if he was free that day in time (which of course, he was as long as we did it at the Cleveland sign exactly where Alison said -_-)

When Alison asked me, I was in Nashville for work. Little did I know, Brad took my mom out to dinner at this time to ask for her blessing.

Two bamboozlers out to eat

The days leading up to the proposal were normal. We went shopping for an outfit for Brad while I decided to wear my dress from Vegas. Nothing was out of the ordinary really.

The day of, I was able to get my hair done by my sister that morning despite her limited schedule. Spent some time with my mom and was almost late for the session!

Totally oblivious to where I was going

Luckily, we made it on time! We met with Alison who I was excited to see again. We talked a little and took some pictures while we waited for the Cleveland sign to free up.

Once it did, we began taking photos there. I thought it was nice to get some photos here since I’m really trying to own my Cleveland blogger title this year. At one point, Alison directed me to take photos by myself which I think is when Brad got the ring box from his sock!

Next, we’re taking pictures together all cute when we’re instructed to hold hands. We take each other hands and at this point, Brad has something to say.

“I have something to tell you. This is not a couple’s shoot.”

Then, he gets on one knee and pulls out the ring. “Will you marry me?”

At this point, my brain went blank and shock set in. I forgot what I was doing, my vision went along with my ability to speak. All I could muster up was “Are you joking?” because I couldn’t believe what was happening was real.

Finally, my brain processed the word “Yes” and then I proceeded to give Brad my RIGHT hand (my brain still wasn’t fully functional at this point).

Then, cue crying, hugging, kissing and calling of the parents who were actually around. When they got there, we took photos together. I continued to be in shock that everyone was in on it but me.

After, we had dinner and drinks at Marwin’s wharf to celebrate our new engagement.

I have to say that I was 110% percent shocked and happy with Brad’s proposal. He did everything perfectly from hiring a photographer to incorporating our family to getting me an absolutely stunning ring.

I’m truly so excited to marry my best friend (I don’t even care how cheesy that sounds!) After 7 years, I know that Brad is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I can’t wait for this next chapter in our lives.

See more photos from our proposal here.

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