Why We Love the Great Big Home and Garden Show

I received complimentary tickets to the Great Big Home and Garden show and tickets to giveaway to my followers. As always, opinions are my own.

One thing we always look forward to each year is the Great Big Home and Garden Show that comes to the IX Center.

This show is an expo of some of the top house and landscape vendors. You’ll see everything from hot tubs to home maintenance to actual life-sized homes to actual life-sized garden displays!

This show is the real deal and perfect for passionate homeowners (or potential ones like us)

We always start the show by seeing the garden displays. The part of the show tends to be crowded because the displays are so spectacular. This year’s theme was fairy tales and it did not disappoint.

There were themes aligning with Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of House, Little Red Riding hood and more. Each made you feel like you were apart of the fantasy world itself.

As you’re walking through, you may get ideas for your own garden or just wish that one day you can have such a grand display at your house.

After we were dazzled by the gardens, we decided to walk through the expo.

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This part isn’t as grand as the gardens, but very practical. If you’re a homeowner, you can find every service. Windows, tiles, gutter cleaning, kitchen remodels and more.

Many vendors offer special show prices. So if you talk with them at the show, you can get a discount if you purchase.

There are some pushy vendors, but for the most part, it’s friendly folk offering candy and giveaways to get you over to their booth. You can generally walk-through without talking to a single person, but you might miss out on some deals on home essentials!

I think it’s best to have some idea of what home improvements you need before attending and finding those vendors at the show.

We started to get pretty tired because it is the Great Big Home and Garden Show, so it’s pretty big. After a few rests and snacks from the food court, we talked through the home displays.

Yes, actual houses inside of the IX Center!

I love these because you can walk through and see what products are being used. The houses are also pretty realistic. When you see a luxury home that you know you can’t afford, it’s just for show. These homes were for people like us and we saw products that we could see in our home.

As regular show attendees, you tend to know what to look for. We have a few vendors that we always buy from like the Wine Slushies and Cleveland Wood Thingamajigs. We left with wine slushies, of course!

The Great Big Home and Garden Show is a fun expo for couples and families to get them thinking about home projects. They’ll be back again February 7th-16th. Will I see you there next year?

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