Why You Have Trouble Hiring a Social Media Manager

One of the hardest parts about growing your team is finding the right people. Of course, you want people you can trust to help your business grow while running efficiently. But, how do you find the person or team who can make it all happen?

There are three significant reasons why you’re not able to hire the right person and how to make sure the next hire sticks.

You Need a Social Media System

Writing great content is incredible, and great content is why you’re hiring a social media manager in the first place, right? Yes, but you’re not just hiring someone to write the content; you’re hiring someone to take over the social media responsibility for you.

As a business owner, you’re wearing many different hats in your business all the time. You want someone who can write good content, but you need someone who can create a seamless system to ensure your accounts are consistent and performing well. Some common problems we see from client’s past social media manager experiences:

– Not getting content out on time

– Posting content without approval

– Publishing with no clear schedule

You’re having these issues because you didn’t ensure that your social media manager had an asset collection system, an approval process, or a clear editorial calendar. Don’t make more work for yourself. Instead, hire a social media manager with a system already in place.

You Need Sales Support

By no means is your social media manager a part of your sales team. Putting emphasis there. But, the reason we invest in marketing is to acquire more leads. Your social media is a part of your marketing that should be working to bring in qualified leads into your business.

When you hire a social media manager, it’s important to understand their lead-generation process. For example, do they create content that is specifically for lead generation? Do they measure lead generation?

Unfortunately, business owners don’t get the results they are expecting from their social media managers. But, asking these questions ahead of time will help you find the right person.

You Need Social

This one is obvious, but it’s also easily overlooked. Nowadays, everyone is a social media manager. Still, most people have never created a social media strategy, serviced clients long-term, or taken the time to understand the logistics behind content creation.

When hiring a social media manager, look for testimonials and results. Ask them about content strategy. If you want to be successful on social media, you want someone who has the experience and understands social media.

Systems. Sales. ATB Social.

If you read this blog and thought, “This is EXACTLY what I need,” I recommend reaching out to our team. Our agency specializes in creating consistent, purposeful, lead-generating content for our clients.

Systems – From start to finish, we take you through our seamless systems that make content creation easy on both ends. From asset collection to strategy development to content calendar approval to publishing, you never have to worry about things not getting done.

Sales – We believe in purposeful content, meaning that we don’t just post for the sake of posting. We make sure we create content with the end goal of generating leads for your business, even when it’s fun and light content.

Social – Our team has serviced over 30 happy clients in the last three years ranging from 3 months to 2 years. We are not just social media managers; we are content specialists who make sure to provide more than just content to our clients.

Book a consultation to learn to end your search for social media troubles.

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