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We Value Systems.

Want to get closer to your goal? Create systems that help you navigate the path.

Our philosophy is that we’re not just content writers, but content creation experts.

We don’t just write, we build content creation systems for your business that take your content to the next level. From the strategy to the creation process to the consistency in showing up for your clients. We make it seamless.

We Value Sales.

Why do we create content? Why is it so important? The answer is because content can serve a business in the best way possible – by attracting qualified leads to their services or products.

Content is an attraction tool.

Our team focuses on creating lead-generating content. When you generate more leads, you have the opportunity to obtain more sales.

We're All About Social.

Content is about more than just showing people something. It’s about making an impact, connecting, and changing the way someone thinks.

Our philosophy is that content should always be purposeful.

We create content that makes a difference, positions you as a leader, and inspires your audience to want more.

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Services and Pricing

Social Media Management Packages

You know that content is more important than ever before. But, it’s not enough to just post what’s trending. To be successful on social media, you need a comprehensive plan and a strategic approach to implementing it.

At ATB Social, our team is dedicated to creating consistent, purposeful, lead-generating content that allows our clients to reach their audience, make an impact and build brand awareness. With our social media packages, you will receive:

A Content Strategy Session

Before we post on your account, we develop a clear content strategy. We make sure to understand your audience, messaging, branding, and more.

Monthly Content Calendar

Our team delivers you a monthly content calendar each month with branded graphics, photography, videos, etc. We ensure you are consistent and have a batch of content with a focus on generating leads.

Social Media Monitoring

Once the content calendar is approved, our team handles scheduling and monitoring engagement. Our team can respond to comments, messages, and alert a member of your team, as well. We monitor accounts daily to ensure a timely response.

Monthly Insights and Strategy Meeting

We provide monthly reports to help you understand how your content is performing. Our team will also schedule a meeting with you monthly if you’d like to discuss upcoming content for the month.

Packages Start at $750 Per Month

Note: A three Month Commitment is required for this package. Prices are set per account. Pay in Full discounts are available for all packages. Custom packages are available upon request.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is a search engine that can help your business reach thousands of potential clients daily. When you work with the ATB Brand, you get account setup or cleanup, full optimization of your Pinterest profile, and monthly progress reports. Learn more about our plans below.

Packages Start at $499 Per Month.

Marketing your business is a must-do! Potential clients are more likely to buy from you if they’ve gotten a chance to know, like, and trust you. Through content, you can show them your expertise and business and lead them to your services! I currently offer:

Blog Content Creation

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, a blog is a good place to start. Blogs help you rank on search results for topics related to your business.


Your email list is a crucial tool to keep your audience engaged and wanting more. While everyone may not have social media, most people do have emails. Currently, we offer:

Email Sequence Package

Welcoming someone to your email list or sending them through a workflow for a new service? Your email sequence serves as a way to interact with your clients and guide them through any process. That’s where we come in. This package includes four emails that you can use for email marketing automation.

Email Newsletter Package

Connecting regularly with your audience is how you stay at the top of their mind. If you’re looking to send a weekly newsletter to your clients, this is the package for you. This package also includes implementation into your marketing automation software.

Email and Blog Packages Rates are customized based on scale of the project.

Content works best when you’re leveraging all of your channels to drive your message and attract your ideal clients. These packages are designed for those who want a little bit of everything.

Constant Content Package

Just starting your blog or want to plan your content for the year? This package includes 6 blog posts written for SEO, along with a strategy call on how to make the most of them! In the call, we’ll discuss how to create a content strategy around your blogs, ways to repurpose them, and ways to get more traffic to your website.

Blog Repurpose Package

Blog content is some of the easiest content to repurpose because it dives deep into a topic with the purpose to share knowledge. In this package, you receive:

  • One blog post (written for SEO)
  • Two social media posts (graphics included)
  • One video (To be used for Reels or Tiktok)

This package is perfect if you want to promote a particular product or service, position yourself as a thought leader on a topic, or have some related content.

Ultimate Content Funnel Package

We believe in systems at ATB Social and one system we love is the content funnel. Content funnels work to nurture your audience from followers to paid clients using organic high-quality content. This package is perfect if you’re looking to position yourself as an expert for a certain topic, promote a specific product or service, or need to diversify your content platforms to increase visibility. In this package, you will receive:

  • One strategy call
  • 3 Social Media Posts (Including one carousel for IG)
  • 1 Blog
  • 1 video (To be used for Reels or Tiktok)
  • 1 Email

This unique package can be created on a monthly basis upon request.

If you’re not ready to hire someone to manage your content, a good place to start is to get your strategy in order. Strategy is what guides our team and our clients in creating consistent, purposeful, lead-generating content. Beginning your strategy now can help your future content team understand how to create content for your company. Currently we offer:

Content Consulting Package

Whether you have a lot of ideas that you can’t organize or no ideas at all when it comes to content, this package is for you. We walk you through the content creation process, so you’re able to easily brainstorm and organize your ideas so you or your team can create consistent, purposeful, lead-generating content for your business. With this package, you recieve:

A Content Strategy Session

Before we get started, we always develop a clear content strategy. We make sure to understand your audience, messaging, branding, and more. This document is yours to keep even after working with our team.

Monthly Content Calendar

Our team develops a monthly calendar which will help us create content together. We ensure you are consistent and have a batch of content with a focus on generating leads.

One Hour Content Sessions

We meet via Zoom to brainstorm, answer questions, and complete your content calendar. We use our knowledge of trends and your industry knowledge to develop content together.

Better Process and Results

Want a more in-depth look at how your social media is performing? We take a look at the front and back end of your content creation. Our team helps you understand your content performance and create a better content creation system, so you and your team (or your future team) can get your desired results!

Packages Start at $300

Content Day

Content is all around us. Everything from the tasks you perform each day to the big event or conference you host to better your community is content. You just need to capture it! But the problem is when you’re in the moment, you’re not looking at your phone. You’re engaging and focused; we want to help keep you that way. That’s why our team offers the Content Day service. With this service, the ATB team will act as your live content creators, capturing moments to be used for content down the line. With this service, you get the following:

  • Live photo/video coverage for up to 4 hours
  • Google Drive folder with all photos/videos captured on the day
  • Live Content Specialist on site
  • 30 Min Content Day Strategy Session
  • Content Day Strategy and Recommendations

Our team will travel up to 30 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio. For longer trips, additional fees may occur.

The investment is $497. (Ask about our content creation add-ons for this service)

Content Audit

During this 45 min Strategy Session, we take a deep dive into your content strategy. We get clarity on your ideal client, your messaging, and your content creation process. Once our call is complete, you’ll receive a full content audit with suggestions and action plans.

The investment is $197


Not sure what you need exactly, but you want to learn more about our offerings and how we can help your business? We got you. If you book with us after scheduling a consultation, your consultation fee will be credited to your services.

Across various industries, effective content marketing has been proven to show results. Everyone wants to know how to get better at content strategy, content creation, and social media specifically. Our team has spoken at events of all sizes to a variety of audiences. Our most popular presentations include:

– Success on Social Media

– Creating Consistent Lead-Generating Content

– Creating a Content System that Generates Qualified Leads

We’ve also created custom presentations for niche audiences. If you’d like to book a member of the ATB Team for your next event, please reach out to

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Let’s Do Something Awesome Together!

So, let’s start creating that consistent, purposeful, lead-generating content!

As an award-winning content and social media agency, we help our clients create consistent lead-generating content that enhances their influence, visibility and grows their engaged audience.

Here’s a little more about our team!

  • ATB Social started as a blog and partnered with brands such as Uber, Dollar Tree and U.S. World and News Report
  • The ATB Social team is women-led and spans across 3 countries!
  • The real CEO is Luna, our cat mascot and Director of Cuddles

Together, we (Luna included) use strategy, systems, and content to propel your business to the next level. Our signature consistent, purposeful, lead-generating content strategy is designed to help you create content that converts, increase your company’s visibility, and attract your ideal clients. We offer a wide range of services to help you develop high-quality content or have it done for you!

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