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Why do we need to create content?

Content allows our ideal clients to find our brilliance.

Blogs, social media, emails and more allow us to connect with our audience, share our expertise and position ourselves as an expert.

Content is an attraction tool.

As an entrepreneur, you want to use all the tools available to attract your ideal client because…

Your clients are already waiting for you!

That’s right. Your ideal client is currently searching for you.

They want your brilliance, your amazing service and they want that perfect high-ticket service.

But, what is holding them back?

They can’t find you.

They’re searching for you while you’re buried in client work, taking courses that provide little help, and talking to the wrong people about a service they don’t want or need.

Your clients need you.

But without a visible business, they’ll never be able to get your awesomeness, you’ll never be able to grow a profitable business doing what you love, and everybody loses.

But WITH a visible business, your possibilities are limitless.

You can have a business that brings in consistent incomes from absolutely happy clients who want to pay you for being you

You can feel like your making an impact in the lives of others

You can grow an influential brand that people are drawn to

You can hustle less and enjoy more while still being profitable

So, let’s start creating that consistent lead-generating content!

As an award-winning content and social media agency, we help our clients create consistent lead-generating content that enhances their influence, visibility and grows their engaged audience.

Here’s a little more about our team!

  • ATB Social started as a blog and partnered with brands such as Uber, Dollar Tree and U.S. World and News Report
  • The ATB Social team is women-led and spans across 3 countries!
  • The real CEO is Luna, our cat mascot and Director of Cuddles

Together, we (Luna included) can use social media, blogging and content to propel your business to the next level. My signature consistent lead-generating content strategy is designed to help you create content that converts, get more visible in your business and attract your ideal clients! I offer a wide range of programs to help you develop high quality content or have it done for you!

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Services and Pricing

VIP Social Media Packages

Social media influences customer buying decisions more and more every year. People are spending more time scrolling, searching, and buying online. As an entrepreneur, it’s a must to develop a social media strategy and plan. We will develop a social media strategy and monthly content calendar based on your audience, messaging, and goals. A 3 Month Commitment required for this package. Prices are set per account. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Custom scheduled content delivered consistently
  • Branded graphics and stock images
  • 5 Customized Hashtag Sets
  • Content Library Creation via Airtable
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Monthly Strategy Meeting
  • Monthly Insights Report


$1,350 per Month $750 Per Month
7 Posts Per Week 3 Posts Per Week

Pay in Full (3 Months)

$3,500 $2,000
7 Posts Per Week 3 Posts Per Week

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is a search engine that can help your business reach thousands of potential clients daily. When you work with the ATB Brand, you get account setup or cleanup, full optimization of your Pinterest profile, and monthly progress reports. Learn more about our plans below.

Pinterest Starter – 2 New Original Pins Per Weekday with optimized titles and descriptions, Up to 5 Repins a Day, and Following of 5 Relevant Pinners and Boards per month.

Pinterest Essentials – 2 New Original Pins Per Day with optimized titles and descriptions, Up to 10 Repins a Day, and Following of 10 Relevant Pinners and Boards per month. Plus, you receive 1 new board per month.

Pinterest Premium – 5 New Original Pins Per Day with optimized titles and descriptions, Up to 15 Repins a Day, and Following of 30 Relevant Pinners and Boards per month. Plus, you receive 3 new boards per month.

$499 per Month $599 Per Month $699 Per Month
Pinterest Starter Pinterest Essentials Pinterest Premium

Marketing your business is a must-do! Potential clients are more likely to buy from you if they’ve gotten a chance to know, like, and trust you. Through content, you can show them your expertise and business and lead them to your services! I currently offer:

Blog Writing

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, a blog is a good place to start. Blogs help you rank on search results for topics related to your business. Blog Writing starts at $150 Per Post. Rate is determined by length of post and research requirements.


Your email list is a crucial tool to keep your audience engaged and wanting more. While everyone may not have social media, most people do have emails. Email writing is $100 per email. This includes newsletters, updates, client emails, etc. Rate is determined by length of post and research requirements.

If you’re not ready to hire someone to take over your content, it’s time to hire someone to get your strategy in order. Strategy is what guides me and my clients in creating consistent lead-generating content. I currently offer:

Creative Consulting Package

This 3-month coaching package will help you create better quality content that brings consistent leads to your business. Together, we will develop a customized strategy, meet twice a month to discuss and plan content, and answer your questions. The investment for this package is:

$1,350 PAY IN FULL

Content Audit

During this 45 min Strategy Session, we take a deep dive into your content strategy. We get clarity on your ideal client, your messaging, and your content creation process. Once our call is complete, you’ll receive a full content audit with suggestions and action plans.



Not sure what you need exactly, but you want to learn more about our offerings and how we can help your business? We got you. If you book with us after scheduling a consultation, your consultation fee will be credited to your services.


Across various industries, effective content marketing has been proven to show results. Everyone wants to know how to get better at content strategy, content creation, and social media specifically. Our team has spoken at events of all sizes to a variety of audiences. Our most popular presentations include:

– Success on Social Media

– Creating Consistent Lead-Generating Content

– Creating a Content System that Generates Qualified Leads

We’ve also created custom presentations for niche audiences. If you’d like to book a member of the ATB Team for your next event, please reach out to

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